Mission “Birthday Cakes”

From 2012, I challenged myself to make all the birthday cakes for my family. Not only do I get to practice my baking skills and partake in something I love, it means I get combine flavours custom for each person. Plus, they’re a lot less sweeter and a bit healthier too!

Have a look through the cakes I’ve made. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so don’t be shy!

[cc bakes]: frozen

[cc bakes]: Layers & layers of matcha goodness!

[CC bakes]: Only for the best!

[cc bakes]: cheese & chocolate…a new marriage?

[CC bakes]: A healthy birthday celebration

[cc bakes]: CC’s take on the apple strudel

[CC bakes]: A little peanut, a little salted, a little chewy.

[CC Bakes]: A hidden surprise for GC!

[CC Bakes]: To the most amazing mother ever!

[CC Bakes]: S’more please?

[CC Bakes]: For a special someone!

[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday!

[CC Bakes]: Happy Birthday to my not-so-baby brother!!

[CC Bakes]: 祝我親愛的爸爸生日快樂!!

[CC Bakes]: An unusual birthday “cake”

[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday to me!

[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday to my sister!

[CC bakes]: Tiramisu garden

[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday, Dad!

[CC bakes]: Another matcha cake!

[CC bakes]: Specially for my sister…

[CC bakes]: A special “cake”


…coming soon…



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