About CC


Welcome to Dumpling Love! I’m CC, a Perth-based, stressed-out student with a hectic schedule.

I cook. I bake. I eat. I’m most at home in the kitchen, where I let my creative juices run. Some people pay for psychotherapy to vent their stress and relax their minds; I pay for flour, milk, and eggs. I eat everything, and enjoy trying new cuisines and cooking techniques.

Why “dumpling love”?

Well, that’s easy…I just absolutely love dumplings. We make our own dumplings, including the skin, and no other dumplings compare. I could eat dumplings everyday without getting sick of them.

Thanks for dropping by, and hope you enjoy reading about what I get up to in & out of the kitchen! Please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment with any suggestions and/or questions. I’d love to hear from you!

See more frequent updates from me on Instagram (@cscc28)!.

Happy reading! ^^



2 thoughts on “About CC

  1. Hi CC,

    In April 2015 in a comment you left for a chocolate granola recipe on the Pinch of Yum blog, you said “my next batch of granola is going to be a โ€œferreroโ€ one with cacao, hazelnuts and dark chocolate”.

    That sounded wonderful and am hoping you’ll share the recipe with me please?

    I’m looking for a recipe that isn’t just granola, but a holiday snack for guests or parties. Dark chocolate is almost an addiction for me – can’t figure out why folks would want to eat milk chocolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you CC,

    West Michigan, USA


    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for dropping by! I am a terrible recipe-follower and I usually just estimate quantities but I’m happy to have a think about quantities if you want more specific info. Generally, my ferrero granola was a mix of: rolled oats, rolled rye, cacao powder, hazelnuts, a bit of cashew, ground flaxseed, and honey. I also add a lightly-whipped egg white (until foamy) to act as a binder because I like chunky granola. Just mix the dry ingredients, add the wet ones and bake =) Email me if you want any other info! I completely agree with you re: dark vs. milk choc! On the rare occasions I eat milk choc, my teeth hurt from the sweetness!!


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