[eating out]: Authentic Bites (Northbridge)


After what felt like an incredibly long countdown, it was time for AS’ and I’s “Kickin KTV” outing! This was to celebrate, believe it or not, the end of a job! What better way to do so than to spend the day eating and singing our hearts out?

Unsurprisingly, we had too many ideas of what to do for our ‘celebration’, but in the end decided to be tourists in our own city to check out Elizabeth Quay, the beautiful State Buildings, and new places that have popped up around Perth City. I have to be honest that it was my first time walking around the Bell Tower surrounds.

Honey Creme – with kinako powder and kuromitsu

First up, we popped by Honey Creme as it had piqued AS’ interest. I’ve tried this in Singapore, and thought it was ok, edible but not particularly memorable. I don’t quite remember it being so sweet though, and not because of the kuromitsu syrup drizzled over…the actual soft serve was quite sweet! Given the price and sweetness level, I don’t expect to be back anytime soon.

I’ve always wanted to try Authentic Bites after seeing it flooding my blogroll and IG feed, and AS was happy to head there. She had enjoyed it the first time and we were excited for some xiao long baos (XLB).

Many years ago, I had a crab XLB in HK which was so delicious, I’ve been trying to find one to live up to the standard. I was keen to see how Authentic Bites compared!

We ordered the crab & pork XLB, spicy wantons, and cold cucumber appetiser to share.

The XLB was one of the best I’ve managed to find in Perth – the dumpling skin was thinner than most (though not the thinnest), and the crab taste really stood out. AS preferred the pork ones as she found the crab a bit overpowering though! It just goes to show how it’s very much personal taste!

Pork & prawn wonton in spicy peanut sauce

AS enjoyed the wantons more as it had none of the crab aroma, though we both agreed the sauce could be a bit more refined. It wasn’t very spicy; in fact, it was more sweet than spicy. I would have liked a bit more vinegar too since that is really the base of the sauce for this dish. The wantons itself were quite good. I’m not a huge pork fan so I was glad to have chunks of prawn, though still found it more porky than the XLB.


We were both nicely surprised by the cucumber appetiser. I felt that they must have blanched it ever-so-slightly so it absorbed the flavours of the bringing/pickling solution. It was flavoursome but refreshing. If it had just a bit more sourness to it, it would have been perfect.

On a side note, XLB is traditionally eaten with vinegar and julienned ginger. Authentic Bites, however, does not serve ginger as default and you have to purchase it instead which I find is quite unfortunate.

If you’re a fan of dumplings and XLB like me, this place is definitely worth a visit! Have you found any other great XLB around Perth?

Thanks for reading! ^^

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