[eating out]: Layup Cafe (Northbridge)

Mushrooms, kale, poached eggs

Oh wow, hello! That was a much longer hiatus than planned! I’ve been a bit unsure about the direction of my blog and am still trying to discern what to focus on exactly. But anyway, without further ado, shall we see what CT and I got up to at Layup one day many moons ago?

Layup had been on my radar for quite some time, especially since it was populating my IG feed nonstop. On a rare Saturday off, I managed to lock in a food date with CT.

After much contemplation, CT went with the mushrooms that came on a bed of cauliflower (I think?). These smelt amazing and were quite delicious, though a bitย creamy and buttery for me! It’s a very filling dish particularly with the eggs and toast!

Pico de gallo, avocado cream, jalapeno mousse, poached eggs

I wanted something savoury and couldn’t go past the pico de gallo that also came with jalapeno mousse, avocado cream, and slow-cooked eggs on toast. As expected, this was really nice and fresh for the morning. There was nothing to fault about the eggs except that I wish I had a spoon to egg the yolk so I didn’t waste a drop of that golden deliciousness. I would have liked the jalapeno mousse to have more of a spicy kick though.

We both really enjoyed the food there, and I recommended AS to go when she asked for suggestions the following week!

Definitely worth a visit or two.

Thanks for reading! ^^

Layup Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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