[eating out]: Frisch & Barc (South Perth)


Without sounding too repetitive, new eateries pop up much too quickly and whilst I’m excited that Perth’s food scene has had a change in direction, I can’t get to all these places quick enough. Frisch & Barc was one of them, with the chilli crab omelette and french toast being the staple favourite.

AS had seen lines outside the place often when she drove past on the way to work, and whilst it never really piqued my interest, I was happy to check it out with her.


She ordered the chilli crab omelette. We both felt the sauce was a bit too sweet, but enjoyed how it was nice and spicy. Far too often, the spice levels are tempered to cater for the locals so this caught us by surprise. ย It was spicy enough to give you that kick but not overly so that you’re sweating profusely.

I felt that if the crab wasn’t there, it would’ve tasted just as nice. In fact, I didn’t really enjoy the crab and felt it was a bit pungent for the dish overall. They were quite generous with the meat though, which you’d hope given the price! AS quite enjoyed it, and the eggs were fluffy, but also agreed that it would have worked just as well, if not better, without the crab.


I actually really just felt like eggs that day so I ordered the eggs on toast. The bircher muesli sounded interesting but I make that so often at home myself that I find it pointless to order it out. On the other hand, I am abysmal at poaching eggs so whenever I see a dish with poached eggs listed, my heart tends towards that almost instantaneously. The eggs were perfectly runny and satisfied my craving. I felt like trying their spreads and the waitress was happy to provide me with their whisky marmalade on the side FOC. It was a bit too sweet, and the whisky was very mild. But I guess that’s what you have to expect for a marmalade!


Whilst I appreciate the spin on the usual suspects, and I was happy to have paid a visit, this is not a place I would hurry back to, to be perfectly honest.

Let me know what you think if you’ve been there!

Thanks for reading! ^^

Frisch & Barc Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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