[eating out]: Propeller (North Freo)


Freo is quite literally a roadtrip for us, and it easily takes about 40mins for us to drive. It’s so annoying that there are so many delicious-looking cafes and restaurants there! We decided to head there for a family brunch/lunch one day given that we hardly go, and love to introduce our parents to new places and cuisines.

After shortlisting a few places, we decided on Propeller and it was such a good decision! The food was delicious, and there was a mix of dishes that would suit all our preferences.

Outdoor area

The place is quite cute with some paintings and designs on the outside of the building. There’s an indoor area (which is much warmer!) but we sat outdoors. It was FREEZING that day, but they thankfully provide blankets for patrons so we kept our legs warm with one of those. I can imagine it would be lovely sitting outside in warmer weather!

We found the menu was more suited to sharing, and that’s the normal way of eating for us anyway, so we all selected something to order.

Lamb quince tagine, buttered couscous

The lamb quince tagine was delicious. Quince is a rare ingredient for me to use, so it was great to be able to try it. The Morrocan flavours were strong yet not overpowering and the lamb was meltingly tender. It was a lovely balanced dish, and we all enjoyed it.

Propeller fish cakes, poached eggs, smoked paprika

I stole the egg. haha. The fish cakes seriously do not lack ingredients. They were noticeably stuffed with fish rather than unidentifiable mush. The egg was probably unnecessary given that there was aioli but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Pretty pricey though ($22.00).

Baked eggs, Persian meatballs, yoghurt

The cold was perfect to enjoy this baked eggs and meatballs dish. The eggs were perfectly runny, unlike some other places I’ve been, and the tomato ragu the meatballs sat in were flavoursome and delicious. It was a pretty heavy dish though, as the meatballs were quite large and meaty. Perfect for the hungry person.

Hot sausage calzone, potato, silverbeet, mozzarella

We also ordered the calzone, as Dad really likes pizza and this sounded nice. It was full of ingredients, though the small size was slightly disappointing given the $24 price.

Hot sausage calzone, potato, silverbeet, mozzarella (inside) 
Buffalo mozzarella pizza, tomato, basil

Essentially a margherita, GC enjoyed this, but it was nothing outstanding according to my family.

Avocado smash, flatbread, pesto

The avocado smash was from the breakfast menu which was also available as a lunch item. This is essentially avo smash but on flatbread instead of toast. It was tasty, but I personally find Perth cafes saturated with avo smash items so it wasn’t outstanding.

Kohlrabi, feta, pomegranate salad

The salad was so fresh and the perfect accompaniment to the heavier dishes that we had. Kohlrabi is a bit like radish but without the pungent spiciness. I know a lot of people love pomegranate but there’s just something about it that makes my teeth feel weird after eating it =( The chefs kindly placed the feta on the side as per our request since mum and I don’t like feta.

We were pretty full after the meal! The prices are quite high for the portion size, but the food is tasty and the ingredients are fresh. I loved all the spices and herbs in the flavours though and would highly recommend this place for those who enjoy the more middle eastern flavours. Sit inside in colder weather though!

Propeller Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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