[Thankful Thursday]


Hummus. Ok, so it’s not really that I’m thankful for hummus per se, but more that it was when CT and I finally managed to catch up over a delicious meal of hummus and other small eats. It’s been too long since our (as she puts it) “food dates”, and the night certainly passed by in a flash as we were busy chatting and laughing our way away. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without certain people in my life, and CT is definitely one of those people! ย 

Rest. I’ve had a busy two weeks. Last week was, in fact, pretty horrible and stressful with work and my own commitments. I was hankering for a day of rest, but it seemed that each day posed another challenge that I had to overcome. I don’t think I even rested much on the weekend, but after overcoming two imminent deadlines, finally I got a day where I could do my own work and run my errands. This may not be “rest” to you, but it sure was for me!

Experiences & opportunities.ย This week has been equally as stressful and busy, if not more, than the previous week. Even with all that stress and anxiety permeating out of every pore of my body, I had a moment where I thought “wow, this is such a learning experience”. Even in moments of high stress, there’s always a silver lining – sure, you may not notice it in the acute situation, but it will help you in one way or another, be it strengthening you or learning more about yourself, and so on. Not everyone gets these opportunities, nor may they have insight into it, and it is definitely something to be thankful for. Have you experienced those moments before?

Bro-Sis times. I was just commenting to my friend WF this morning that sometimes it doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing with someone, it’s the time spent with them that is most fulfilling. GC and I put up our Christmas tree together on Sunday night, and whilst we were both quite exhausted from the week before, it was a really enjoyable time! We decided on the colours together, complained the tree is annoying to put up and take down, laughed and joked that our lights are epileptic fit-inducing, and took selfies with our product! haha. Fun times, and something to appreciate at all times! Even writing it down now makes me smile! Love him!

Hope you’ve had a great week and found something to be thankful for!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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