[Thankful Thursday]


There is only 3 weeks until Christmas! How can that be? Where has 2016 gone, my friends? This week has been particularly busy and stressful, more so that I’d care to welcome. After an entire year, I wonder if I’m feeling a bit burnt out by the flurry of activity that’s happened this year!

With busy-ness, comes difficulty to really sit down and reflect, but there are nevertheless, things to be thankful for.

  1. 28. As GC rightly put, this is my favourite number. I was adamant to make a change and this year’s birthday reflected that wonderfully – it was the best birthday I remember for a long long time. We have a tradition in our family since the time we turn 18 (and supposedly become “adults”)…what is it you ask? Well, simple – we treat our family to dinner. Given my love for cooking and baking, I choose to cook for them instead. This year I made soy sauce chicken and eggs (perfectly cooked if I may say so myself!), good quality wanton noodles, beef curry, and some simple vegetable sides. Simple dishes but a lot of thought went into it – curry is something we rarely have because of mum’s cough but I knew my older bro JC would be here and help eat it! Soy sauce chicken? Again, something uncommon in our house but loved. I was so busy I didn’t even have time to get an ice-cream cake (because yeah, “adult”), but JC and my sister-in-law had bought two small mousse cakes. It was a night of smiles and laughter all around, and I am so thankful for that.
  2. Dad. I’m sure many of you feel parents are annoying sometimes. I admit I am guilty of that, but I am so so so happy that I have been exercising a lot more patience and love, and some humility to reach out and ask for help when I need. It is a great feeling for sure. Have you got someone you may have wronged? Do you refrain from doing some things out of spite or pride? I urge you to let those go free yourself from those binds. It’s a wonderful feeling for sure!
  3. Mangoes. This, for sure, is my favourite fruit and its short season of supply means that I pretty much binge on it when I can! AS’ mum gifted me five beautiful kensington pride mangoes for my birthday (I’m a mango snob and only eat those)! This means that I’m practically eating one daily! I’m so thankful for AS and her mum – we had a lovely quiet pre-birthday celebration for me at their house which turned out to be a crafty night with a chocolate X’mas tree-making session! We revisited our childhood hobbies, and I can’t help but smile and laugh at simple things like this.

What has your week brought upon you? Have you got anything to be thankful for?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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