[eating out]: Chicho Gelato (Northbridge)


I’ve always felt Perth is lacking in the gelato and dessert department. There are now quite a few popping up (e.g., Whisk, Gusto Gelato, Bites by D, Chu Bakery, etc). Gelato, for me, is a bit of a hit and miss. I’m the type of person who loves frozen hard ice-cream (Baskin Robbins is a childhood fav of mine), so when gelato is the really soft type, it isn’t the most enjoyable or satisfying thing for me.

Chicho Gelato, however, is a different story.

Whilst their gelato isn’t entirely hard, it is not too soft either. What piques my interest, however, are their flavours. They have staple “ordinary” flavours, but they also have really unique ones – blood orange and sriracha sorbet? Yes, please!

kaffir lime & coconut (rear), fig, mascarpone & balsamic caramel

Chicho has now become a staple dessert option for me whenever I’m in Northbridge. I’m not kidding…it’s dangerous. The kaffir lime and coconut was chosen by GC on our first visit there and it’s potent in coconut flavour. We would have liked more lime as it got lost in the coconut, which got a bit heavy. GC is unsure why he even chose it because he doesn’t even like coconut! haha.

Ever since I had a caramelised fig and mascarpone ice-cream, I’ve been obsessed with this flavour combination. Perhaps because of the caramelised fig and the balsamic caramel, this made for quite a sweet flavour but it was deliciously creamy. I felt a more balsamic undertone would have been nice though.

One thing I really like is the chef collabs where they partner up with various local restaurants and chefs to create (even more) interesting flavours. One of the first few was theย miso caramel & roasted milk crumbs. Whilst it was tasty, it was very sweet and AS and I found the saltiness of miso didn’t impart quite enough flavour. They have these chef collabs often, with each flavour roughly lasting a week or two.

PB&J….and something I can’t remember!ย 

The PB&J is so good for a PB fix. Whilst I could definitely do with a stronger PB hit, it does fare better than other PB ice-creams I’ve had previously.

The blood orange & sriracha sorbet in the first picture makes for a very interesting and refreshing option. At first, you get the nice tang of the blood orange then you’re hit by a slight chilli kick at the back of the throat. Not mouth-numbing and tear-inducing, but still making its presence known.

If you have not paid a visit to this place and love your desserts and icecream, I urge you to go as soon as you can. I’ve got my eyes on the chocolate sorbet with passionfruit jubes, and I can’t wait to go!

Check out their instagram for updates! Though I warn you, it may prompt you to go more than you’d like!

Chicho Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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