[Thankful Thursday]


Umm, how is it Thursday already? So many things have happened in the past week, I lose track of time, and how much I have scheduled for the weeks to come!

1. Yoga. In the final year of my PhD, yoga was one of my saving graces. It was the only hour of the day where I didn’t think of my PhD at all. Instead, I was busy thinking about how I couldn’t feel my thighs from holding crescent lunge for (what seemed to be) 10,000 breaths. After falling off the yoga wagon, I want to get back into it, and went to a core power session on Tuesday. Let’s just say that it was intense, and I still have tender glutes. Looking forward to some quick daily yoga practice though!

2. Strawberry-picking. I have always wanted to go strawberry-picking since hearing about it and finally had the chance yesterday! Four of us girls went on a mini road trip to Ti’s Strawberry Farm (aka. “Pick your own strawberries”) in Bullsbrook. It was so fun! Not only did we have an awesome time just picking (and eating) copious amounts of strawberries (see picture), it was just such a mindful and wholesome activity. Definitely a nice breather in this busy week. I now have heaps of strawberries to eat as is and make all sorts of things – first up, jelly for my bro!

3. Fellowship with GC. We both have very busy schedules so small quiet times are a rarity for us, especially so when spent together. I had to do the laundry one night so made him come downstairs with me so he could continue whingeing about something. It was a fun time of whingeing, validation, and mucking around doing stupid things. Little things like this warm my heart, and make me smile =)

4. His word. Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted. About family. About my skills both professionally, and spiritually. Preparing for kids ministry gets me down because I feel it’s way beyond my depth. I have a hard time thinking of what topic to teach the kids, and what activity to do with them. But God’s word is there to guide us, and empower us. It is a reminder to us that “we can do all things through Christ our Lord”. I am placing my trust in Him, that He may speak through me, and that the Holy Spirit will enlighten me.

What are you thankful for on this beautiful sunny Thursday?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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