[eating out]: Bites by D (Mt. Hawthorn)


I have come to realise that Mt. Hawthorn is one of the most inconvenient places for me to get to. I like direct routes to places, and Mt Hawthorn is the complete opposite. There’s not one road I can go along then easily turn off and reach the place. Instead, I have to turn onto another main road from the freeway then another one, then some small streets. Who else finds these kinds of routes annoying?

Anyway! I digress. After a few weeks of planning and a long email thread, it was finally time for my friend’s (CT) high tea at Bites by D! (In case you didn’t know already, they have really pretty cakes).

For the reason stated above, CT had already shortlisted this place when I suggested high tea. They have a selection of cakes and savoury snacks/lunches that you’re welcome to eat there or take away.


The high tea is generally held near the back of the restaurant and because we had a large party of 17, we occupied the entire group table. Another trio had a smaller table next to us. In a way, it’s great to be able to see everyone on the large square table, but it can be quite imposing. In addition, the place gets a bit noisy and echoes so it’s not very easy hearing everyone.

Cecelia is the front of house and she is just AMAZING. She was involved in the planning process from square one, and took the guest number changes and dietary requirements in stride. We had a no cheese, a gluten-free, and a pregnant lady but this posed no problems.

High tea – savoury course

Ok, let’s get onto the food! Armed with our respective teas & coffees, we were soon presented with the savouries. Of these, there were:

  • broccoli & mushroom salad cup
  • fried ball of some sort
  • croissant with proscuitto & cheese
  • beef pot pie

The salad was entirely raw, which was weird to me because I don’t like to eat raw broccoli. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t particularly enticing for me. The fritter was fairly nice, and the salsa-like sauce stole the attention. The croissant was alright. The beef pot pie was good, but much too salty and starchy for the sauce in my opinion.

High tea – sweets

After cleansing our palate with a sorbet, we moved onto the sweets which comprised:

  • praline toffee eclair (one of their signatures)
  • mango mousse dome
  • chocolate mousse with brownie
  • mascarpone cheesecake (this was replaced with a raspberry mousse dome for the no cheese menu – i.e., me).

The eclair was nice, but very sweet because of the pastry cream and the toffee coating. The mango mousse dome was lovely and light, and I really appreciated the tart jelly hidden inside. The mousse was nothing outstanding but really satisfied the chocaholic in me =) The raspberry mousse dome did not sit well with me at all. It was much too creamy and sweet, and I didn’t end up eating much of it. I also heard the cheesecake was very sweet.

Whilst it was a great afternoon with the girls, the food was a bit disappointing. Were my expectations too high, given the rave reviews I had read? Was I too excited because finally we have some specialty dessert stores in Perth? I’m not sure, but Bites by D didn’t quite hit the point on this occasion. Given that high tea is $55, I was a bit disappointed with the food =(

What do you guys think about the offerings here?

Bites By D Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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