[Thankful Thursday]

My, what a whirwind of a week it has been! Whilst most days were generally quiet and relatively slow, it seemed like things were paused to bombard me all at once! Some days it felt like time wasn’t passing at all, but other days zoomed by before I realised. Nevertheless, even in the ‘busy-ness’ of our lives, there is always something to be thankful for in our daily lives.

1. Warmer weather: Funnily enough, a blood test a month ago actually showed I had depleted Vitamin D levels. I’ve never had that before and it’s hilarious because I was just lamenting to my GP that I am so sick of the cool weather. Well, it seems God has heard my complaints and blessed us with beautiful warmer weather!  I’m not a summer person at all, and I always complain about the heat, but I am SO looking forward to getting some colour to my pasty legs! haha.

2. New opportunities: I had to make a somewhat difficult decision a few weeks ago. After some discussion with my besties, I decided to take the leap and boy am I glad I did! As that door closed, another one opened with more potential for my future. I’m looking forward to seeing what this brings me for the remainder of the year, and hopefully the next!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Can’t wait to see what this coming week brings!



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