[eating out]: Hurricane’s Grill (Hillarys)


I’m a sucker for ribs, or any meat on bones really. I still remember that night I went to Lapa Brazillian in Subiaco, and kindly asked the waiter if I could have the bone of the beef he was carving up at our table. So there I sat, with a massive bone bigger than my plate. Yes, I’m quite monstrous I guess. Are you hoping you never meet and eat with me? hehe.

I first came across Hurricane’s Grill in Sydney, and one random day, it seemed that Hippo Creek had turned into Hurricane’s Grill! Eager to try this well-known chain, I headed over to Hillarys to check out the ribs.

Steak & Ribs

The menu was *very* similar to Hippo Creek, so much that I questioned whether it was just a change of name…? To this day, I still don’t know. We started off with some garlic bread, which was just normal garlic bread I guess. Nothing outstanding but neither was it terrible.

My brother GC ordered the steak and ribs combo, which came with top sirloin and some very meaty beef ribs covered in monkey gland sauce. You get a choice of pork or beef ribs with this combo. The steak was good medium, as requested. Sadly, the beef ribs were quite tough and apart from the taste from the sauce, the meat didn’t have much flavour.

Beef burger

Dad ordered the beef burger with sweet potato wedges instead of potato chips. He is pretty obsessed with burgers sometimes and he was pretty pleased with this! Whilst the bread and the overall presentation pales in comparison to other burger places, he thoroughly enjoyed the juicy patty cooked medium.

The wedges were so crispy, but deliciously soft on the inside!

Chicken & Ribs combo

Mum and I shared the Chicken and Ribs combo with a baked potato instead of chips. We chose the BBQ chicken (instead of portugese) because Mum can’t take much spicy food. The chicken was nice and juicy, with a good char. However, much like the beef ribs, there was a lack of flavour in the meat itself. The pork ribs were more tender than the beef ribs, and were delicious!

Sadly a disappointing first visit to this place. I’m still on the lookout for ultimate pork and beef ribs! If you have any suggestions, do let me know!

Hurricanes Grill Hillarys Boat Harbour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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