[eating out]: Bivouac (Northbridge)


It was high time for the awesomes (our group moniker) to catch up! About time too since a couple of us were flying to different states for an extended time not long after.

I suggested Bivouac, mainly because of it’s proximity to the show venue GB and GF were heading to after, but also because of the food of course! And GB wanted alcohol…haha.


We ordered a few plates to share, which is what I love about some dining places now because you can then try a few different things. Bivouac’s menu is great for this, but I find only in smaller groups. The dishes can be fairly small so if you have a big group, it can get difficult to share amongst all.

We ordered the borek which came on a bed of a tangy yoghurt-based sauce and pomegranate arils. I think they were filled a some cheese and meat mixture (I honestly can’t remember sorry!) so I passed on it since I don’t fancy cheese all that much. GB loved it though and it can piping hot!

Buttermilk fried chicken

The buttermilk fried chicken came on a bed of spinach, and some spicy aioli. The chicken was so crispy and served in perfect 1-2 bites pieces. GF and GB pretty much demolished this.

Pressed lamb shoulder, pumpkin, herb salad

Lamb is a meat that we rarely eat at home because mum doesn’t like red meat. So when I saw it on the menu, I just had to be selfish and ordered this! The pumpkin puree was was silky smooth, and so much more moreish mixed in with the jus. The lamb was on the drier side which was disappointing. I read an interesting article on Serious Eats about how cooking tough braising meats for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean moist soft meat; it can actually go too far and make the meat dry!

Grain salad

In an attempt to be more healthy, we ordered the grain salad. This was a bit disappointing. It was laden with oil (seriously, does salad really need THAT much oil?) and the beans were raw =(

Taro latte (hot)

We still had a bit of time before GB and GF’s show, so we headed for dessert. I seem to have Chicho Gelato as a default dessert place when I’m in that end of Northbridge, but GB wanted waffles so we headed to Superstar Waffles instead. Last time I went, we got measly dense waffles and I’ve never been a fan. The waffles look much better now but I spotted my much-loved taro options in the drinks so went with a taro latte.

I seem to have poor luck with this place, and the latte was weak in taro taste and grainy. Sad times…nothing beats the taro bubble teas in HK =(

As usual, a night full of random talk and lots of ridiculous comments and laughs from each of us. Now that GB is interstate, it’s been much more difficult for the awesomes to come together again…I wonder when the next catch up will be!?!

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Thanks for reading! ^^


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