[eating out]: Cafe 2 Twenty Four (Belmont)


Working six days a week makes for great difficulty in finding time to catch up with my bestie, but thank God that we sometimes manage to find a mutual time on Sunday mornings before my church services. And thank God again that there are not one, but two cafes nearby church – perfect to maximise our chat time!

Last time we headed to Sapore Espresso Bar, so we decided to try Cafe 2 Twenty Four. The menu seems eerily similar to Sapore, and in fact, most other places with the usual suspects like eggs benedict, pancakes/waffles, smashed avo, etc. Not wanting something too heavy, but needing to up my vegetable game, I went with the smashed avo on sourdough.

Me and avocado have a love-hate relationship…sometimes I can’t get enough of it, but other times just 1-2 slices is enough for me before I feel nauseous. This rendition of smashed avo, however, is definitely one of the better ones I’ve had! Reminiscent of guacamole, the tomatoes added a great acidity to cut through the creamy avocado with punches of spice from the red onion. It would’ve been better if the tomatoes were more ripe and the toast wasn’t so hard though. And more coriander and balsamic glaze, please! I love that stuff! haha

Nutella Waffles

Choosing sweet vs. salty is always a difficult choice for AS and I. That morning, AS decided sweet was the way to go and chose the nutella waffles. These smelt amazing, and looked grand on the place. Whilst they were tasty, the dish soon got a bit heavy, and AS commented the waffles were stodgier than she’d like.

We saw many other tables ordering those freakshakes which look grand but my thoughts immediately go to how sticky and sweet it would be, and how it would get everywhere down the vessel it’s served in!

All in all, the food wasn’t too bad, though I’m more inclined to go to places that have more unique dishes/techniques/ingredients, especially since Perth brunch prices are becoming pretty exorbitant now!

Cafe 2 Twenty Four Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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