[Thankful Thursday]


I’m not sure why, but this week has felt so incredibly long. I have a 1.5 day workshop on this weekend too, and whilst I’m excited about it (and have been for months!), I am so hankering for a day off. Or even just some sleep! How has your week been?

1. “Making” vs. “Finding” Time. How many of you have thought about this distinction? How many of us do things if we have time, or when I finish XYZ, or if I am not too tired? Things have been a bit difficult at times, and I felt the need to chat with my brother JC about many things, especially to get that Christian POV on some things in particular. JC is usually quite busy, and especially so these few weeks, but he “made” time to call me for a chat. It was a much-needed chat, and words that were needed to be heard no matter if they hit me hard.

2. Others’ understanding & support. This week required me to make a pretty big decision, and I was honestly torn between the options. I spoke to some people about it, and they were all supportive of my choice. Although it was not something I wanted to do per se, it was the wisest decision, and I am thankful that they were understanding and respectful of my decision.

3. Psalm 37. This Psalm acts as an encouragement and lesson in what we can do to fight against the evil in this world. Despite the word ‘evil’ being associated with sinister things, it is not always as such. It can be anything that tries to distance you from God, even feelings or being spiteful/revengeful, and so on. I found this Psalm very encouraging to show me what we should be doing in God’s image. If you haven’t read this Psalm, I urge you to do read it, whether it be because you are Christian, or whether it be out of pure curiosity. How lucky are we that we have His word to guide us?

Despite it being an incredibly long and tiring week, there is nevertheless something that we all can be thankful for. Even the most minute thing is worthy of our gratitude, particularly those that bring us great joy.

Have you thought about what you are thankful for this Thursday?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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