[eating out]: Boho Espresso (Scarborough)


It was a rare day where both GC and I had a day off during the week, and we wasted no time in grabbing some brunch together. Being the usual lazy him, GC didn’t want to travel too far which immediately struck about 80% of my to-go list off. After a quick search on zomato, we decided on Boho Espresso.

Mind you, despite the many options on my list struck out, it was seriously hard to decide a place still! Did we want to take the risk of trying a new place, or did we want to go to one we’ve been before?

Cured salmon, beetroot bread, poached eggs & asparagus

Unfortunately it was a rainy day, and we weren’t able to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air and non-existent sunshine. In fact, we had to run from the car because it was raining and we couldn’t be bothered bringing our umbrella. Who’s ready for warmer weather and some sunshine?

There’s an indie vibe to the place, and the decor is pretty eclectic. I can imagine many people sitting here whiling the afternoon away in the warmer months. The menu had quite a few interesting options, with many housemade items such as breads and condiments. I went with the tea-cured salmon, pictured above, which came with housemade beetroot bread, poached eggs and grilled asparagus.

The dish surprised me as I wasn’t expecting the salmon to be grilled. I couldn’t really detect the tea taste in the salmon and sadly, it was very overcooked and dry. The saving grace was the poached eggs which coated the fish with it’s golden yolk. The beetroot bread was interesting but very heavy. The texture was a bit like banana bread so overall it was quite a heavy and salty dish for me (look at all those salt flakes!!).

Potato hash, spinach, ham, poached eggs, house-made hollandaise

GC ordered the potato hash benedict which came with a thick potato cake on toast, ham, poached eggs and housemade hollandaise. Like my dish, the eggs were beautifully poached and GC enjoyed the potato cake. Whilst he enjoyed the dish, he didn’t think it was anything remarkable.

The portions are pretty generous and we were completely stuffed after our dishes! Both dishes were quite heavy, and seemed to need something light and fresh to cut through the heavy components and flavours. Whilst they weren’t bad, the dishes didn’t really strike a chord with me, and I left feeling a bit disappointed.

BOHO Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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