[Thankful Thursday]


Wow, Thursday again! Somehow this week has felt like it has gone on forever, but at the same time, I can’t believe it’s Thursday again. Honestly on Monday, I felt like it was and should have been Wednesday =.=’

  1. Space. No, I don’t mean the intergalactical type of space. Instead, I am referring to the mental space that allows me to rest and recoup my thoughts, mood, and general wellbeing. Moving back home has been no less than difficult – I got a taste of the freedom and flexibility of living alone so now it feels slightly suffocating. Whilst it may sound selfish, but I was grateful that Mum and Dad went on a 4-day trip with their friends up north. The weeks prior had been tough and I welcomed this space with open arms. Sure, I had a lot more duties at home and the family business, but I also had that flexibility to cook and do whatever we wanted, and just chillax. The weekend was perhaps one of the better ones I’ve had in a long time, despite it being physically exhausting.
  2. Cooking. I often get home around 1815-1830hrs on weekdays, which relinquished me of my cooking duties. Longtime readers would know the kitchen is my place of therapy and where I let my creative juices flow, whether it be cooking or baking. It’s where I either set my stress aside to enjoy myself, or cook/bake my stress away. Since my parents were away, I had to cook for my brother and I. Simply put, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We had a lot of bread so GC suggested making some soup so I headed to Subi farmers market to scope some different ingredients. So we created celeriac + pear soup, with sides of jamon, guacamole, grilled asparagus with dukkah, and toasted garlic bread. The carnivore in me wanted meat so Sunday we made lamb chops with roasted sweet potato and carrots, and blanched asparagus and beans. Monday was more simple because Gary would need to do most of the cooking, so we had tanuki udon with carrot banchan I made the night before, blanched broccoli and fried eggs. Tuesday was buta no kakuni and unagi on vinegared rice. What a spread of dishes, and whilst they may be simple and easy to prepare, it was heartwarming to see GC enjoy it.
  3. CT’s Bridal Shower. Before we even realised, there’s really not long until CT’s wedding! She asked if I could organise a bridal shower for her and I gladly took up the challenge for this wonderful friend of mine. We chose to go to Bites by D for high tea, and the process was easy as pie. Cecelia is amazing and made my job of booking a session smooth and easy, and CT thoroughly enjoyed herself which was the most important thing! I had fun researching different games and though we only got around to doing the handbag bingo, it was still a fun afternoon for all the girls. Can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle next month!
  4. Unexpected encounters. I always try to take public transport to uni, even when I was studying and now working. When I used to take the bus-train-bus, I had a bus buddy for my home-train station leg. We always bumped into each other at the bus stop (which is right outside his house actually!) and had enjoyable chats. Now, don’t go thinking this is some “meet at bus stop and start dating” love story (I wish though! haha), but it was great to see a friendly face at 0630am and fun conversations. Fast forward about one year and a bit, and I bumped into him tonight at the train station!! What an amazing encounter! He now parks at the station as well, and it just so happened we both were on the later service because he had to finish some things off at work, and I had dance class. We had a great quick catch-up and he’s still just as friendly as before! I wonder if we’ll bump into each other again, but I trust God has this in His hands…if it is His will, then only time will tell.

Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the most satisfying and worthy to be grateful for. It’s a long weekend this weekend, though sadly I’ll be at work on Monday since it isn’t a uni holiday so the clinic is open. But! It’s my Church’s camp this weekend and I’m super-excited!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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