[Thankful Thursday]


Wow, another week has passed. In some ways, the days feel slow but in others, the weeks feel fast. September is jampacked with things, and whilst I enjoy having things to do and social engagements, I feel tired just thinking about it.

I realised that my thankful points may, in fact, be repeated for some weeks.

  1. The night of 03/09/2016. This will be one night etched in my memory and heart forever. After a very exhausting week mentally and emotionally, I finally capped it off with a night of chats, complaining, food, wine and support with one of my besties. We cooked up mapo tofu (see above), sesame cold noodles, and veg and just rested and chilled. Good food, good wine, bestest friend EVERRRRRR…what more could I ask for?
  2. Hip hop. Last week I mentioned I do dance classes. Today, I decided to try out the heels class after my usual hip hop beginners class. It. Was. AMAZING. Difficult, but it felt good to be able to move my body and groove for 2hrs especially after missing out last week. I feel so refreshed despite having worked a 7.5hr day! Looking forward to more classes!
  3. GC. It was an unexpectedly long 12hr shift on Tuesday. The evening staff got their days mixed up and had already headed home ~50min away so I just said I’ll cover it. But I catch the bus/train to the clinic and whilst I wasn’t all that tired physically, I just seriously couldn’t be bothered walking ~10min to the bus stop then potentially wait for the bus/train. I felt so bad but asked GC if he could come pick me up, despite us living 25min drive from home. I still got home around the same time thoughย  since we had to pick up some groceries HAHA. My love for bananas overrules sleep =P
  4. God.ย Being so busy, I find it hard to find the time to really set time apart for God. But I’m reminded that God loves me, and that I’ve survived so many stressful moments through His strength. When we say “Thank God”, we don’t say it lightly, we say it from truly within our hearts.

So there you have it! Yet another week! What are you thankful for?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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