[Thankful Thursday]


It has been an extremely challenging week or two. Emotions are running high, thoughts are taking a life of their own, motivation is low, avoidance is high. Nevertheless, there are things that I am thankful for in this past week.

  1. Saturday brunches. Working hard is no surprise to me; ever since I was a young child, my dad has “trained” us to be hardworking and resilient. After working six days a week, however, for the past 2 months after a full-time clinical placement, I was beginning to feel it physically and emotionally. I’m so grateful I had the brains to ask for a day off last Saturday where I could not only enjoy a brunch catch-up with a dear friend, but also had time to do some food prep at leisure.
  2. Church. Being with fellow brothers and sisters at church always lifts my mood, and if not, it reminds me of the support I have from my extended family and my dear father, God. It was heartwarming to see them all enjoying the food I helped prepare for the lunch service.
  3. AS & VN. AS one of those friends who will listen patiently when I rant and rage, and will validate me when I’m hurting and crying. She challenges me when she knows I’m wrong, and if she can’t stop the downpour, she helps lift me up. VN is very much like that, but reminds me of my faith and what would be pleasing in God’s eyes. I wouldn’t have the strength to stop my tears if I didn’t have such friends as them. I am thankful but “thank you” is far from enough to express just how much.
  4. I got paid. Now, don’t go thinking I’m a materialistic person who focuses on money. Those who know me well know I am far from that. I had decided long ago that when I got paid, I would take mum, dad and my grandma out for dinner. This is technically my first real full-time job out of the family business and whilst it isn’t what I intend to do as a career, it’s a stepping stone for now. So, I’m happy that I got paid and can now go forth with that plan.

How was your week? What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Thanks for reading!! ^^



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