[Thankful Thursday]


I’ve decided to start a (what i hope to be) weekly feature called Thankful Thursday. Each week, I hope to find 4 things I am thankful for…be it just simple or extravagant.

It is too often that we go about life without expressing gratitude to people, or even to God for all he has provided. I find that finding a few things about the day/week that I am thankful for really lifts my mood and enjoyment of life and situations. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to find something when I’m in the worst of moods, but is there really NOTHING to be thankful for?

  1. Sunshine. It’s been a cold winter, and my muscles are stiff from shivering in the cold. Today, the sun came out and I got some much needed vitamin D on my skin.
  2. Listening ears. It was a difficult week last week, and continues to be so at certain times. I’m thankful for the close friends who are patient enough to let me rant and rave, and cry.
  3. Dance class. This is my “me time”. Amongst my busy schedule and family obligations, I need time to myself to do what I enjoy, and dance class is definitely it.
  4. Energy. It’s been a tiring 1.5 months working 6 days a week with little rest and sleep. but today, I had enough energy to work a full day, and go to dance class, and continue dancing in the shower. haha.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Thanks for reading! ^^




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