[eating out]: Fun Fun Dumplings (Northbridge)


New places are popping up in Perth so quick! There seems to be new restaurants whenever I turn a corner. Not surprisingly, this makes my to-go list grow exponentially.

It was time for another dimsum dollies catch-up! AS and I met a bit earlier, and walked around Northbridge, which is how we discovered our dinner venue!

I can’t remember where we initially chose, but we soon forgot about that when we chanced upon a new noodle store selling HK cart noodles.

For those who don’t know, cart noodles are very common in HK and it’s one of my absolute favourites! There is no trip to HK without cart noodles at least once or twice. Basically, you pay a certain price and that includes your choice of noodles and say 3-4 toppings. The toppings range from vegetables to innards. Depending on the place, the choice can vary greatly! My favourites are the pig blood curd, which is rarely seen in Perth, and tripe.

Large cart noodles (thin wanton noodles)

Anyway, we decided to head here as we rarely see such thing in Perth. We ordered the biggest bowl of cart noodles to share whichย  meant we could taste more of the various toppings. To say the bowl was huge is an understatement. It was enormous…so big that we could barely fit it and our own bowls on the table.

We each chose 1-2 toppings which ranged from chicken wings, eggs, enoki, lettuce, tripe, radish, and fishballs. We tried to choose things that all 3 of us would eat..sharing is caring, right?

There’s quite a few types of noodles, but we chose the thin yellow wanton noodles. These were the standard ones and I personally found the noodles to be a bit bland. Now, it might be weird to say that but those noodles have this certain fragrance which these were missing.

The toppings were generally ok. The daikon radish was stewed well, flavoursome and soft. As was the tripe. The eggs were slightly overcooked but you can tell even from the colour that they had abosrbed the flavour of the stock and were quite robust in flavour.

Pork & pickled vegetables noodles (rice noodles)

We also ordered the pork and pickled vegetables noodles to share. This came with pork mince with pickled vegetables, mushroom fishballs, egg and thick rice noodles. This was ok. The noodles were a bit soggier, which is generally normal for that type of noodle.

The bowls were so huge, we couldn’t finish them! I think one of the large cart noodles would have sufficed for us! Especially because AS and I filled up on bubble tea beforehand.

Of course that didn’t stop us from having dessert though, and after about standing and staring for 10min at chicho gelato before dinner, AS and I had already decided it was to be our dessert haunt for the night.

Fun Fun Dumplings was quite new when we went, and they would require some fine-tuning of their food. I noticed they’ve got a much more expanded menu now, with various types of dumplings. Hope they’re busier now!



Fun Fun dumplings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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