[eating out] Hardware Story & Eatery (Scarborough)


Hello from Adelaide!! Those who follow me on instagram (@cscc28; the few who do! haha) will know I’m in Adelaide for a few weeks! What to do on a Sunday night when I’m bored of report-writing? Blog, of course =P

The Hardware Store and Eatery was on my go-to list for quite a while! While it’s not incredibly far, I don’t often have the time to head out for brunch/lunch so it was great to have a nice casual lunch with my parents and bro!

Red Passion (back), Go Go Greens (front)

First up is some drinks! They have a quite a selection of fruit juices and smoothies, all of which sound incredibly interesting. Mum and I ordered a red passion to share which had watermelon, strawberry and cloudy apple juice. It was refreshing, though very sweet for me.

GC chose the Go Go Greens smoothie, which had banana, spinach, berries, kale, almonds and coconut water. This had an interesting texture with the almonds, which also lended a nutty taste. It was so filling though! I probably would have been full on just this!

Hardware Club Sandwich – creamy dill chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce; five-pepper fries

Mum and dad ordered the Hardware club sandwich to share. Good idea to share too since it was massive! I’m not sure why but club sandwiches are really popular in HK, and Mum actually really likes them! I remember one time when we were young, Mum took us kids to Miss Maud’s for lunch during shopping. She ordered the club sandwich there and it was amazing especially to us because we only ate that for the first time. I think that’s the last time Mum had a club sandwich before this!

She really liked this one, which was surprising given the creamy aioli and dill (she doesn’t like creamy things or dill). As is evident, the portion is huge and would be great for sharing unless you’re really hungry and/or can stomach all that.

Summer Salad (with chicken) – asparagus, orange, pomegranate, blueberry, avocado, cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel, marinated feta, flaked almonds.

GC ordered the Summer Salad with additional chicken, which looked beautiful. The vinegarette was good, sour but not overly. All the vegetables were pretty fresh. GC finished it all, and it’s worth noting that he doesn’t like blueberries or pomegranates, and prefers not to have fennel either! You may be wondering why he ordered it then…your guess is as good as mine? =P

Green Balance Bowl – asparagus, mixed greens, sauteed kale, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, salsa verde, pumpkin/sunflower & sesame seeds. 

I chose the Green Balance Bowl. To be honest, I thought this would be more of a salad of fresh greens, and sauteed kale but it ended up being ALL sauteed. Plus the mushrooms which were too buttery for me (I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms cooked in butter). It was nice, but it all got a bit cloying in the end. The lemon didn’t do a lot and I felt like I needed some of GC’s balsamic to go with this. Thumbs up for perfect poached eggs though!

Definitely a place worth trying! Wouldn’t mind heading back there after I shorten my list!

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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