[eating out]: Taste of Perth 2016


This year, I was lucky enough to get two free entry tickets to the Taste of Perth festival. The tickets didn’t include crowns, but I was happy enough anyway! Another foodie adventure for GC and I =)

For days before the first session, I was checking the website relentlessly to see the menu card so GC and I could plan what we wanted to eat, and how many crowns to add first.

Taste of Beef & Lamb was one thing I was really looking forward to this year. Whilst I’m not a huge meat-eater, I sometimes get a craving for red meat so I’m always on the lookout to learn about different cuts of beef and lamb, and how best to cook them.

Taste of Beef & Lamb
Slow-cooked lamb ribs, babaganoush, tomato salsa

First up was the slow-booked lamb ribs, served with babaganoush, tomato salsa. Although the salsa was supposed to be Asian flavours, I felt it was a bit lacking but it nevertheless provided a good hit of acidic freshness to combat the lamb ribs. The babaganoush was yum, and now I know why my homemade on tasted too smoky – I hadn’t added tahini to mellow it out.

Whilst the chef demonstrates how to cook this dish, they had already prepared some beforehand and brought them out for the audience to taste during the demonstration. I thought this was great! There were also some farmers there for some Q&A time, in accordance to the theme of sustainability.

Offerings from Silks
Suntory Whisky Lounge

GC and I had a bit of a wander to grab some food. I wanted to try the whisky but in no way would have been able to finish it so I sadly gave it a miss (GC doesn’t like whisky). But all was well as it was quite chilly that evening so that would’ve made me even colder!

Nobu – ramen
Nobu – ramen

We decided to grab something light first, that being Nobu’s ramen. Whilst it was tasty, I’m a fan of the curly yellow ramen noodles as opposed to the straight hakata-style ones. The soup base was a bit salty for me but I absolutely loved the softly-poached quail egg. We both enjoyed this, but it didn’t blow my socks off and definitely wouldn’t be something I’d order from Nobu.

We continued to meander our way in and out of the stalls. There was a lot more alcohol this year than previously, and many wineries had small stalls. Not being heavy drinkers, GC and I found that there were a bit too many.

Bistro Guillaume – creme brulee, vanilla shortbread
Electrolux cooking demo

There was a common theme this year across the cooking demos, and that was sustainability. This is actually one of my food interests. I love visiting restaurants that place sustainability high on their priorities, cooking without wastage and also using sustainable ingredients.

With this theme, we see a lot of native ingredients being used. Now, this isn’t some new food fad, but has become of increasing importance in the recent years. I loved the electrolux kitchen demo GC and I went to. The chef used a lot of sustainable ingredients (including the fish itself!) and features more native and wild herbs, etc. One day, I’d love to experiment with these ingredients myself!

Bib & Tucker – charred octopus, squid ink cracker, kohlrabi.

Although one of my brunches at Bib & Tucker was disappointing, it definitely didn’t put me off the charred octopus tasting dish they were offering. This was delicious! The octopus was tender and fresh. All the elements together worked in harmony, and I loved the play on textures. The soft and chewy octopus with the crunch of the cracker, and kohlrabi. Even GC who usually doesn’t like octopus enjoyed this!

Bib & Tucker – slow-cooked lamb, eggplant kasundi, smoked yoghurt, puffed grains

We also bought the lamb dish from Bib & Tucker. This was really good! The lamb was tender and flavoursome and its softness was perfect for the grains to add some crunch. GC and I were quite disappointed with the smoked yoghurt, as it (1) wasn’t quite enough for the amount of meat, and (2) lacked smokiness. It just tasted like normal plain yoghurt to me. I would also have liked a bit more kick for the kasundi, but my firm favourite still sits with Voyager Estate’s hehe.

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen was my must-have. Freo is a fair drive from where I live, and after hearing/reading so many rave reviews about the place, I wasn’t going to leave Taste of Perth without trying their food!

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen – woodfired chicken, pickled red cabbage, white miso

We decided upon the chicken with picked red cabbage and white miso sauce as I had heard many good things about this from other bloggers. I’m sure most of you know this won dish of the festival, and I completely agree. Each component on their own was tasty, but eaten together was phenomenal. There was perfect balance of all the flavours – the meaty grilled chicken, the acidity from the cabbage, and the salty-sweet from the miso sauce. I couldn’t help but attempt to spoon the sauce with my fork after we ate it! Definitely a hit amongst the festival-goers, and us both!

With the dishes and tastings from different artisan stalls, GC and I were comfortably full. It’s a pity none of the dessert dishes really caught out eye but we were more than satisfied with what we had! Including the incredibly tomato chutney from Kent St Deli!

Yet another fun-filled Taste of Perth! One of the best things is that I got to meet Kristy, blogger Queen of Bad Timing! Her blogging and photography are incredibly inspiring…if you haven’t checked her blog out, I insist you do it now.

If you went to Taste of Perth, what did you think of it? What was your favourite dish?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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