[eating out]: Paella Republica (Mt. Lawley)


Not surprisingly, CT and I were due for a catch-up…after what seemed like 4 months. Our attempt to catch up once a month is obviously a miserable fail. Finally, the stars aligned and we managed to find a date and time that suited us both.

Deciding a place was even more difficult, actually. At the time, Fringe Festival and PIAF were running so we wanted to avoid Northbridge as much as possible. We ended up heading to Paella Republica in Mt. Lawley which, on a Friday night, was still pretty busy. Thank God I found some parking quite easily!

Anyway, I’d never heard of Paella Republica actually, but they literally serve paella, bocatas and churros. We both unanimously decided to order the seafood paella because we’re both fans of seafood.


Contrary to photos and reviews I’ve seen of this place, the paella was served in an oblong paper bowl. I did think it would be served in a small paella pan. The paella was quite packed with flavour, and the seafood was fresh. The tomato salsa on the side was refreshing and lovely in taste. There was a lot of seafood in the paella. I’m not paella aficionado so I wouldn’t be able to comment on what the rice was like – it wasn’t too mushy, but also was mushier than I personally would prefer. It was great though, full of flavour which definitely whetted CT’s appetite which had been poor of late.


Touted as the best churros in Perth, CT couldn’t resist ordering some. The churros are fried to order so they arrived piping hot, with a dark chocolate dip alongside. I didn’t have any because I’m not a huge fan of churros but CT commented that they were a bit too crispy. It was as if they were left in the fryer too long. She enjoyed it, but didn’t think they are the best in Perth.

Dinner was served quickly, much quicker than we ate (for once)! It was nice to sit there and chat though, and the place wasn’t too busy. If you’re a fan of paella, I’d be interested to know if you’ve been here and what you think of it, as I am no paella aficionado!

Paella Republica Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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2 thoughts on “[eating out]: Paella Republica (Mt. Lawley)

  1. I am not a paella connoisseur but I haven’t had better Churros than those at Paella Republic, I love Churros I’ve been trying many places but so far these are the best Churros I had in Perth
    I would like to know where to get better Churros and I will convert immediately ๐Ÿ™‚


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