[eating out] Santi’s (Nedlands)


So sorry for the delay! Time passed by much too quickly, and I have no clue what I was even busy with!

It’s amazing how you meet people throughout life, don’t you think? I believe everyone is placed in your life for a specific reason; it may be good in promoting your growth as a person, or it may even be bad in a sense but through which you also learn new things! It’s a great blessing that I’ve met LL, and even greater when she came to Perth for a short trip from Melbourne!

We thankfully managed to catch up during the last couple of days of LL’s trip, with her husband and cute little bub in tow! We decided to head to Santi’s as I was in the Nedlands area and had a small break in between meetings.

Eggs benedict

I’ve not been to Santi’s for quite a while and I was pleased to see some all-day breakfast options as well as lunchtime and to-go options. LL’s husband ordered the green scrambled eggs, which was eggs scrambled with pesto. He also added a side of avocado for the bub and shared this with him.

LL ordered the eggs benedict which came with ham and spinach, and two beautifully-poached eggs. I didn’t hear any complaints from her about this!

Baked eggs

LL’s sis-in-law, J, ordered the baked eggs which looked scrumptious! It looked chock-a-block with ingredients, and cheese-lovers would be happy with that crusty layer of cheese.

Salmon (special of the day)

I ordered the salmon special of the day which was covered with a spicy Thai-inspired sauce. This was nice, though the salmon was slightly overcooked. I didn’t quite like the salad as it was too smothered with dressing. It was a nice surprise that the sauce on the salmon was actually spicy!

We had an enjoyable meal, with plenty of conversation. Santi’s often changes their menu’s specials so there is a nice element of surprise each time you go. The to-go sandwiches and sweet treats look delicious but alas, I couldn’t risk falling asleep in my next meeting from a food coma!

It was great to LL and her young family again, especially the little bub! He’s SO CUTE!! And has insanely awesome fine hair, long lashes and huge eyes! Get ready girls, he’s going to grow up to be a cutie! Oh wait, he already is! haha.

Can’t wait for our next catch-up! I wonder where it’ll be – Perth or Melbourne? hehe.

Santi's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day, everyone!


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