[cc bakes]: frozen


The final one of 2015. My sister must be getting a bit sick of ice-cream birthday cakes! Last year, I wasn’t in Perth for my sister’s birthday again. All my original ideas for her cake were thrown out the window because I needed something that could be made a few days before her birthday (when I left for SG) and kept easily.

Enter…ice-cream…again. I made a mochi ice-cream cake with salted caramel for her birthday in 2014 when I went to Melbourne for a conference.

I knew I wanted to do a drizzle look for the cake, but had yet to decide a flavour. I’ve been wanting to make SC a tall red velvet layer cake for ages so I used that as inspiration and made a red velvet ice-cream cake with red-velvet cake base, vanilla ice-cream mixed with raspberries, roasted almonds, and dark chocolate.

Doing the drizzle was pretty hard actually. The melted chocolate tended to melt the ice-cream, and as I tried to spread the chocolate to the sides it kind of moved as the cold from the ice-cream cooled the chocolate. Is there a different technique to this?

Yet again, I wasn’t able to eat this but my family said it was nice, albeit a bit sweet with all the chocolate and maltesers!

I’m glad SC enjoyed it – I wonder if this is the year I make her the cakes I originally plan!

[components]: red velvet cake (natural colouring), vanilla ice-cream, raspberries, almonds, dark chocolate, maltesers.

Thanks for reading! ^^



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