[eating out]: Shehnai Tandoori Indian Resturant (Currambine)


It has been so incredibly difficult to even try this place! Every time we think about going, it happens to be closed. Finally, we managed to actually think ahead and book a table! Dad has been here quite a few times, but it was my first (why wasn’t I invited to the other times?? haha).

I love Indian curries – spicy vindaloos, creamy dhals, fragrant biryanis, I love them! So I was actually kind of excited to head here and drown my rice/naan with curry sauce haha.

Vegetarian samosa

GC absolutely loves fried spring rolls and samosa. We opted for the vegetarian version this time, and two fat pieces came. They were piping hot and full of ingredients. The filling was flavoursome, and the pastry was thin and crisp. This was one good samosa!

Butter chicken (back), dhal (front)

Mum can’t really handle spicy food so butter chicken is her staple dish when we go to Indian restaurants. This looked like a weirdly orange version of it, but it was full of boneless chicken breast pieces. Mum quite enjoyed it but also remarked that she preferred Punjuab’s version.

The dhal was surprisingly spicy, not too much for me but probably was for GC and Mum. The dhal was creamy, yet still retained a bit of a bit. The gravy was really good and you could really taste the different herbs and spices used in it. One of the best dhals I’ve had!

Lamb rogan josh

What’s interesting at Shehnai is that they have a couple of dishes that I’ve not seen elsewhere. I was tossing up between this and an alternate beef dish, though the beef would be too spicy for GC and he preferred this one.

The lamb was tender, and there were some tendons in it which don’t bother me at all since I love them! The gravy was spicy, full of flavour and the perfect thing to smother the rice with.

Prawn bombay

Prawn bombay is one of those dishes I’ve only seen at Shehnai. It wasn’t a spicy one, and actually reminded me a bit of tamarind. It was tomato-based so the flavour was much lighter than the other three curries we ordered, yet it was sweet too. I quite liked this, and the prawns were fresh and actual prawns! I think Dad always orders this =P But he’s going to branch out next time and order the other prawn dish! haha

No curry is enjoyed without some rice and naan to mop up the delicious gravies.

Pilau rice

Surprisingly, Dad actually wanted rice. We’re from Northern China so noodles, dumplings and baos are the main carbohydrates. Dad nearly ate 3/4 of this bowl and that’s honestly the most amount of rice I’ve EVER seen him eat! And I’ve had many meals with this man!

The rice was actually good though, a bit on the hard side but the spices were alluring and whet the appetite.

(clockwise from left): plain naan, garlic naan, chapati

We ordered plain and garlic naans, and a chapati. These were decent but not the best I’ve had. Nevertheless, they were great to mop up the extra gravy!

This is a neighbourhood gem! The prices are average for Perth, but the serving sizes are a bit larger than other places I’ve been to (that are more expensive too!). I’m glad we’ve found an Indian restaurant that’s not at least 25min away!

Shehnai Tandoori Indian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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