[eating out] Kanta Japanese Restaurant [Langford]


I am always on the lookout for good Japanese fare in Perth. Whilst there are quite a few new places popping up, many are fusion or have those wacky rolls which I’m not a huge fan of.

I heard about Kanta a very long time ago, but it’s SOR and thus a little too far to drive for a simple meal.

Luckily, arrival and customs took so incredibly long at the airport when I returned from SG in Dec 2015 that it was about 7:30pm by the time I got out of the airport. By the time I’d get home, it would be 8pm at the earliest. So mum and I decided to head to Kanta.

Mum and my brother GC had been previously, and their thoughts were consistent with the reviews I had read previously, particularly WenY’s whose reviews I trust. So, I have to say I had pretty high expectations. Unfortunately, though, it just didn’t meet them.

Complimentary appetiser

That’s not to say the food isn’t good…it’s just that it just didn’t live up to my expectations. The menu was a lot smaller than I expected, and nothing really jumped out at me.

Upon placing our orders, we received a little appetizer of sorts. It was a something akin to a sweet chilli vermicelli salad. It was a little odd, in fact.

Grilled whole squid

Mum and I love grilled squids, especially the ones in Japanese restaurants and at the Taiwan street markets! The squid at Kanta was quite nice, a little tough, but it had a nice smoky char to it.

Shoyu udon

Mum ordered the shoyu udon, which had the naruto fishcakes! I don’t even eat fishcake often, but these are my favourite ones. The soup was incredibly salty (more so than other shoyu bases), and the noodles were nice but overall, nothing outstanding.

Salmon chirashii don

I chose the salmon chirashii don which came with salmon sashimi and ikura. The sashimi was fresh, and the rice was nicely cooked. The ikura had a slight smell to it, but was nothing too offending. It’s hard to find incredibly fresh briny ikura in Perth (the best I’ve had lately is at James Parker Sushi & Sake). I was a bit disappointed by the thinness of the slices though.

I can see why this place is popular, as it’s decent Japanese fair nestled in a local neighbourhood complex, but would I come here specially? Probably not. If I were in the area, maybe, but there are other Japanese restaurants SOR that I’ve yet to try.

Kanta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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2 thoughts on “[eating out] Kanta Japanese Restaurant [Langford]

  1. Oh no!!! It didn’t live up to the hype lol. You should give my staples a try like the Teriyakis are definitely one of the best in town especially with ox tongue or chicken :D! Even when Teriyaki is in sushi, its top notch. They also have the salmon wrap with scallop and mayo lol. So drool-worthy! But never go for the noodles or curries. They were sub-par and I had similar thoughts to you.


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