[eating out]: Pixel Coffee (Leederville)


It’s been incredibly hard to keep up with the flurry of new cafes and restaurants opening in Perth, and it quickly becomes months (even years for some!) before I finally pay some a visit. This was the case with Pixel Coffee which had been on my IG radar for a long time.

Finally, the stars aligned…AS and I were free before church one morning, AND we both hadn’t been here before!

The place is small but we managed to grab a seat on a shared bench. It was a bit of musical chairs for us! We moved to a table as it was more comfortable, then the waitstaff asked if we minded moving to a table for two (instead of a 4-seater). At least our meals arrived at the right table =P

AS ordered the avocado smash, which came with a herb salad and poached eggs on rye. The eggs were poached perfectly. Avocado smash is everywhere now, and you really have to set yourself apart. Unfortunately, Pixel didn’t meet the mark for AS. The avocado itself was too chunky, and one-dimensional in taste. The toast was gummy, and had an odd taste to it, as if it was stale and/or rancid. It’s the first time AS didn’t finish the meal =(


Acai bowl

After spotting acai bowls everywhere, I chose this, plus I love getting my fruits for the day! It came beautifully-presented, but unfortunately, the beauty ended there. The acai smoothie in the bowl was much too sweet, to the extent that I wondered whether they added additional sugar. If it weren’t so sweet, I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. The gluten-free granola was a bit stale, and just personally, it’s a little difficult eating slices of pear and apple with a spoon – a fork would have been better, or cut them smaller.

I also didn’t feel the service was quite there that day either. In addition, halfway through eating my meal, I found a piece of plastic (as if from a bag) in the smoothie part of the bowl. It wasn’t huge, but large enough for me to realise it while eating. It wasn’t a huge deal to me as it wasn’t life-threatening or anything but I mentioned it to the waitstaff just so they know to be more mindful of such accidents. However, she just brushed it off and didn’t give it any thought. We felt that there should at least have been an apology or something, so we were a bit put off by that kind of response.

AS and I so wanted to like this place, but unfortunately Pixel just didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Pixel Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week ahead, everyone!


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