[eating out]: James Parker Sushi & Sake (Northbridge)


I love Japan, and all things Japanese. The language, culture, people, and definitely the food! To be honest, it’s a bit hard finding good Japanese food in Perth I think. I don’t like the fusion things much so that automatically crosses a few off the list. There are a few establishments SOR and sadly, it’s a bit far for a simple casual dinner.

James Parker Sushi & Sake is a place that I’ve been mening to try for so long, but it’s always packed! Even on the evening we visited, it was fully-booked but luckily I left my number and there was a cancellation so they could fit us in in the end.

The restaurant has a very sophisticated interior. It reminds me of the sushi bars in Japan that seat only 10-12 pax. Of course, it’s not that small though! But the restaurant is split into a sushi bar on one side then the tables on the other.


Lotus chips

We ordered a few dishes mainly to share. First up was the lotus chips, requested by Mum. This came with a wasabi mayo. The lotus crisps were fried and covered with aonori, but we found them a bit overfried and hard. It would definitely be a tasty snack alongside a drink.

Gyuu tataki

The beef tataki is quite different to other places! Rather than ponzu sauce, there’s a ponzu jelly that’s also got beef stock in it (or so I could taste). It was great! I loved it. The beef was supposedly wagyu, and whilst it was tender, I can’t say it was more so than other places.

Seaweed salad

We also ordered the seaweed salad. Mum loves this and even though it’s super simple, it’s super tasty.


One thing I like about this place is the different types of items on the menu that you don’t see often. One of them is this soba dish. Whilst zarusoba is commonplace, the soba here was matcha and came with spring onion, bonito, nori, tempura crisps, wasabi and a dipping sauce. It’s like a soba bibimbap! =P It was fresh and tasty, and the soba was cooked perfectly. I hate overcooked noodles and this by no means was overcooked.

Chirashii Don

Sashimi is my favourite and a must-have whenever I go to Japanese eateries, but my family (except my sister) aren’t a huge fan. To appease my sashimi love, I ordered the chirashi, but also because it looked amazing in the photo! It came with scampi (AND THE HEAD!!), chuutoro, salmon belly, salmon roe all on vinegared sushi rice. The rice wasn’t quite seasoned enough for me but it was cooked perfectly. I really liked the salmon roe and the scampi – they were incredibly fresh. It’s a bit hard to find really fresh uni in Perth but this didn’t have an overwhelmingly funky taste so that was fine. Thoroughly enjoyed this little box of goodness.

Shiokoji chicken

The dishes would be enough for me, but GC and Dad were just missing something so we ordered the shiokoji chicken. Shiokoji is something we don’t see often and it honestly didn’t taste very special. Still nice though and I liked the little grated salad on top too. Funny thing – I told GC they were carrots on the dish, but it was actually torch ginger flower hehe.

A visit to NB is not complete without some sweets, either bubble tea or ice. We decided to order the in-house desserts. To be honest, the mochi was calling out to me like there was no tomorrow =P

Matcha ice

We got the matcha shaved ice. It came with adzuki bean, dango, and topped with matcha ice-cream. I didn’t like that the ice was so coarse but the matcha was incredibly fragrant and potent. You could tell they didn’t skimp on the ingredients. The ice-cream was nice too, not too sweet or creamy.


The mochi ice-cream was my favourite! Unfortunately, it’s not house-made but it’s imported direct from Japan. I love the black sugar syrup and kinako powder is the best! Definitely something to have again! GC and I were fighting over the bits of this!

I’m so glad I finally made it here! There’s fresh and unique Japanese dishes that not only look beautiful, but taste equally so. Definitely won’t be the last time here =)

James Parker Sushi X Sake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!




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