[cc bakes]: Layers & layers of matcha goodness!


GC generally loves matcha, pistachio and chocolate. For each of his cakes, I’ve always asked him what he’d like, but this time I wanted to try make a millecrepe! I’ve been seeing them everywhere on social media and though the idea behind it is relatively simple, the finished product looks incredibly sophisticated and grand.

Since I’ve made him a pistachio-based cake previously, I decided to go with matcha this year.

matcha millecrepe cake

The crepe layers were, unfortunately, a little thicker than expected so the cake ended up quite tall and heavy. I tried a new ratio for the creme patissiere and it was amazing! Naturally, it was rich in matcha flavour, but also with a hint of vanilla. I added a few raspberries here and there in between the crepe layers.

Topping the cake was a bit of a decision-making process as I didn’t want it to look too plain and boring, so in the end I topped it with fresh raspberries and icing sugar. The raspberries ended up cutting through the richness of the cake so it was great.

[components]: matcha crepe, vanilla crepe, matcha creme patissiere, fresh raspberries


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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