[CC bakes]: Only for the best!


Every single year, my Mum requests a strawberry shortcake for her birthday. The good thing is that it obviously makes it much easier to decide what cake to make. On the other hand, it also means that I need to think of a new way to spruce it up to differentiate it from previous years’ cakes.

As the years have progressed, I find my strawberry shortcakes for Mum have become a bit more creative, and thus resulting in a charlotte cake for her last year.

Charlotte cakes are incredibly cute, in my opinion, and also a great option if frosting isn’t your forte. It’s actually quite a good option for Mum’s cakes because she doesn’t like cream, so despite having used cream in her previous birthday cakes, the amount was minimal as best as possible.

It was a simple cake with simple flavours, but everything was handmade by me (except for the fresh strawberries!).

A special cake made for only the best Mum. Love you, Mum and hope you enjoyed this more than the free cake we got at the restaurant!

[Components]: sponge fingers, strawberry jelly, vanilla yoghurt mousse, fresh strawberries.

Strawberry charlotte
Strawberry shortcake charlotte

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