[cc bakes]: cheese & chocolate…a new marriage?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk. Now, to catch up on the incredibly long backlog of posts. As much as I like baking and creating things in the kitchen, it’s sometimes a struggle to think of new flavours for my family members’ birthday cakes, especially when there are so many people! Having said that, my SIL’s cake was a no-brainer. I knew exactly what I wanted to make, but it was extremely risky.

Cheesecakes are something I never make because my family isn’t a huge fan. For someone who doesn’t even like cheese, I’m surprised that I even like it! Granted, I don’t like it when it’s *too* cheesy =P

But anyway, my SIL absolutely loves cheesecake, and I don’t think it would be wrong for me to say it is her favourite cake. She once mentioned Japanese cheesecake to me a while ago and it stuck in my mind to make it for her for her birthday. However, as I rarely make cheesecakes, I thought I should make a trial bake given that (1) I’ve never made Japanese cheesecake before, and (2) it is notoriously easy to screw up and difficult to perfect. For someone as OCD as myself, screwing up and serving a poor cake is not an option, let alone serving it to loved ones!

The trial went quite well. It was a little too cheesy for me, and a bit one-dimensional in taste so I adjusted the recipe a bit for the actual cake.

When the time came to bake the actual cake, I reduced the cheese & liquid quantities, and added some vanilla bean. I placed my full attention and care to it, just me and my mixing bowls. I triple protected the pan with alfoil lest the water bath leaked in. I melted the cream cheese properly. I whipped the egg whites carefully. I folded it all gently. I even dropped the cake tin from high up after baking, risking breaking my Dad’s granite kitchen benchtops, as that’s what people suggest to ensure a nicely risen cake that doesn’t sink (I used a towel to protect it). Yes, apart from the minor adaptations, I followed the steps to a T for once.

Unfortunately, I burnt my hand whilst unmoulding it, thus dropped the cake a bit resulting in a cracked surface. I orignally wanted to draw a cow design with melted chocolate, but now I couldn’t =( Good thing I have an ADHD brain though, and a new idea quickly popped up. Cookies! Now I get to combine two of her favourite things – cheesecake and cookies & cream flavour. So I covered the cake with greek yoghurt chocolate mousse, and crushed oreo cookies.



Fluffy & soft Japanese cheesecake
Fluffy & soft Japanese cheesecake

It was so fluffy and soft! I’m so happy it turned out well. I still feel it could be more airy, but I’ve only had Japanese cheesecake twice, and once was the famous Hokkaido one so that was incredibly fluffy!

Happy Birthday, V! Although the cake isn’t the best you can get, it’s something that I enjoyed making for you! Hope to be able to make it for you again one day! Perhaps we can make it together!

[Components]: Japanese cheesecake, chocolate greek yoghurt mousse, oreo crumble.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Happy Monday all!


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