[eating out]: Hylin (West Leederville)


Hylin has been on my radar ever since my instagram (@cscc28) was flooded with pictures of the amazing-looking food. Then, I walked past it twice a week on the way to work, which further piqued my interest. Finally, after so many months, I can cross it off my “to-go” list!

As indicated in a couple of posts back, I recently finished my PhD thesis. My friends AS and JW, being the lovely girls that they are, and the BEST FRIENDS ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE, made sure to make my day as “CC” and special as could be. They were pretty adamant on a celebratory lunch, so we decided to head to Hylin because it was close by and we hadn’t tried the food there yet!

The place was quite busy when we arrived but luckily we managed to snag 3 seats on the large communal bench by the window. It was a nice sunny day so this was actually the perfect spot!

I ordered the Breakfast Bruschetta (above), which came with a medley of cherry tomatoes, avocado, salsa, rocket leaves and a poached egg, all drizzled with some sort of green oil (basil?) and balsamic glaze. This was incredibly filling and the tomatoes were fresh and sweet. The rocket leaves were a bit wilted, unfortunately, but still provided that unmistakable peppery hit. I do wish they were less heavy-handed with the oil as it soaked into the bread and made it a bit oily and unpalatable.

(top-bottom): slow-cooked beans with chorizo, creamed corn & chorizo, breakfast bruschetta

JW ordered the Slow-cooked beans with Chorizo, which was accompanied by poached eggs and toasted ciabatta. This was chockablock full of ingredients, largely chickpeas. JW managed to make quite a bit of a dent in it so it must’ve been great!

AS went with the Creamed Corn with Chorizo, which also came with grilled asparagus, fried egg and a chipotle aioli. The aioli was so good! So full of flavour and moreish! AS loved this, and scraped the plate clean!

What a wonderful way to spend the morning and lunch with two of my best friends. They’ve done so much for me, and I’ve mentioned it here and there on the blog, but they may not realise just how thankful and blessed I am to have them by my side.

Thank you, AS and JW, for the lunch treat, and for making this day (and everyday!) so special and great!

Til our next foodie adventures! xx

Hylin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy your Friday, everyone!


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