[eating out]: Little Lebanon (Osborne Park)

IMG_8172After 3 long long months, I finally got to see RT & AS2 (AS2 because a special close friend is AS!) again when they returned for their wedding! So exciting! Knowing that they’d be busy that week with all the arrivals of relatives and last-minute checks for the wedding ceremony, we caught up for a quick and simple dinner the day after they arrived.

I find it quite difficult to find good places open for dinner NOR, as most are in Northbridge or even further SOR. After asking Kristy (@queenofbadtiming) for some suggestions because my brain failed me, we decided to head to Little Lebanon. I’ve seen blog reviews on this and had actually wanted to go! Plus, there’s meat for AS2 haha.

Having seen the size of the plates on other blogs, I warned RT that the portions are huuuuuge. Much more than what we would be able to finish if we ordered one dish each! So we decided to get a main and a starter to share, which turned out to be more than enough food anyway!

We went with the main combo grill platter which came with a skewer each of lamb, chicken, prawn and lamb kofta. The lamb was very tough and chewy though the flavours were good. The chicken and kofta were nice, but the prawns were sadly the frozen import prawns =( I wouldn’t expect exceptionally good quality prawns for that price, but it’s always disappointing when these frozen ones are used given the bounty of fresh seafood in WA.

The salad, garlic sauce and hummus were all nice, though there was way too little garlic sauce and hummus. But that may also be because RT and I are dip fiends. The rice was actually a bit of a letdown for me. I guess I was expecting a flavour bomb so I actually found it a bit bland in spices. It looks flavoursome, but lacked the wow factor I was expecting.

Falafel platter (x 6 pcs)
Falafel platter (x 6 pcs)

We also ordered falafel platter which came with 6 pieces, plus some pickles and an amazingly awesome garlic sauce. The falafels were piping hot & crispy with a nice balance of spices and the moreish chickpea nuttiness. I honestly rarely eat falafels because I’m not a huge fan of deep-fried foods (yau char kwai and other Chinese dough snacks are a total exception!) so I’m no falafel connoisseur, but it was nice.I’m not sure if the pickles are home-made but they were good! I love sour foods, and they definitely cut through the oiliness of the falafels and meat. The only gripe is that there was way little garlic sauce again! I wonder if you could ask for refills…? haha.

Overall, it was a tasty dinner and a great catch-up with my good friends. Definitely would consider bringing my family there, especially as some of them do love these skewer types of food, plus it’s something different and not too far from our house.

Oh, and they also have a selection of baklava but alas, we were too full from the savouries! =(

Little Lebanon Cafe & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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