[thoughts]: 五個小孩的校長 (HK film)


It’s been a while since I watched a movie, but my trip to SG last month meant that I had about 4-5hrs to kill on the plane. I, as usual, brought a book along to read but naturally, my attention wavered and I binged on as many downloaded movies I could on my tab =P haha. Does anyone else do that?

One of the movies I watched was 五個小孩的校長, or Little Big Master in Enligh. Starring Louis Koo and Miriam Yeung as the leads, this was an incredibly heart-warming and inspirational movie based on a true story.

Without giving too much away, though the rest of the internet probably already does that, it follows Miriam’s character’s journey/struggle to support the education of five young girls in a grasslands HK suburb in order to enrol the girls into better schools to further their educations after the school closes down.

As I watched the movie, I thought about the importance of passionate teachers who work not just for the money, but for the best interest of the students they teach. The girls in the movie are young, just starting out in school, and not only are they educated academically but the role models portrayed by the adult figures in their lives mould their expections of others, beliefs, and personalities in general, and greatly enhance their development.

It’s a wonderful movie, and I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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