[eating out]: Roasting Warehouse (North Freo)

Pulled-pork hollandaise

Living NOR, getting to Freo is like a road trip in itself. Although there are numerous cafes/restaurants I’d like to try there, not to mention the markets, it’s just too far for me to drive for a single meal. But AS and I were interested in trying a couple of places during our catch-up with SP one Sunday who lives in Freo. What better than to ask the local for a place, yeah?

We decided to head to Roasting Warehouse in North Freo. This was on AS’ radar, and I was happy with any place really, since I am so uneducated in the Freo area!

SP ordered the Pulled pork benedict, which she devoured with much gusto! She loved it; her poached eggs were spot-on and she said the pork was well-flavoured with paprika and other spices.

Potato rosti with mushrooms
Potato rosti with mushrooms

AS ordered the potato rosti but swapped the ham for mushrooms instead. The rosti were nice and thick, and AS enjoyed it. At least that’s what I gathered by the empty plate in the end =P

Mushroom ragu
Mushroom ragu

As usual, I was torn between two dishes – the mushroom ragu, or the baked eggs. In the end, I went with the mushroom ragu but unfortunately it wasn’t really to my liking. It was much too salty, and I think they used cream for the ragu braise so it was quite creamy and heavy. As the mushrooms were on the rocket and bread, neither of these components were able to dampen the salt level unfortunately.

The place is quite large with plenty of outdoor seating. We sat inside because of the wind and found the inside was quite noisy due to the coffee machine and open kitchen. The waitress made a bit of a fuss about placing the smoke ricotta on the side for the mushroom ragu (I don’t like cheese much) which struck me as quite odd, but the kitchen was happy to accommodate in the end.

To me, it was a bit of a disappointing visit and I’m unlikely to return, especially since Freo is so far and there are so many other offerings I’d like to try. Nevertheless, we had a great time! It had been a while since the 3 of us caught up, since SP was travelling around the UK and Europe for a few weeks, in addition to AS and I’s busy schedules. It was a fantastic catch-up with them, each of us updating each other with what’s been happening for the past few months!

Roasting Warehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^


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