[eating out]: Zen Japanese (Subiaco)

IMG_7926Do you find it amazing how people meet and just get along like fire and oil? That’s what it was like for ST and I. We met because we were both bridesmaids for DT when she got married earlier this year, and whilst we had whatsapp’ed a little, we really only met each other at Perth airport! But we got along as if we had known each other for a long time!

Given our busy schedules, it’s definitely not an easy task to plan a catch up with DT and ST, but thankfully we were all free one night so quickly locked it in for dinner! We decided to head to Zen for some yummy Japanese fare, which was great because I hadn’t been for SO long, and as usual had a craving for sashimi/sushi =P

Sashimi platter (large)
Sashimi platter (large)

Deciding what to order was, naturally, a difficult process. Basically, we wanted pretty much everything. Sashimi was a given so we decided to get a large platter to share. We would’ve loved to order the boat, but we spotted other items on the menu too. The sashimi, as usual, was very fresh! I’ve had quite a few sinewy tuna sashimi elsewhere but thankfully the tuna on this night was good. The scallops were very fresh and sweet, which just continues to fuel my raw scallop obsession.

Gyu tataki
Gyu tataki

The gyu tataki at Zen has always been my favourite tataki in Perth. It’s one of the best I’ve had, and it’s actually gotten better compared to my previous visits! The beef was sliced thinly and cooked perfectly. As you can see, there was adequate marbling and whilst the meat didn’t melt in your mouth, it wasn’t tough and there was ample beef goodness. I actually preferred it this way. The yuzu dressing wasn’t overpowering like many other places I’ve tried so you could still taste the beefy goodness.

After spotting the seafood hotpot on both the menu, and the table next to us, we were tempted. But umm…all 3 of us were a bit busy tucking in to take a photo (oops!). The hotpot was perfect for the surprisingly cold night! It was filled to the brim with fish head & wings, prawn, mussels, squid, two oysters, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, and tofu. The soup was a simple dashi stock base I think, and it wasn’t too salty. I would have preferred if the prawns were not tempura because the batter soon became soggy and fell into the soup which rendered the soup quite oily in addition to the fish head and wings.

I personally LOVE fish bones, and I much prefer a whole fish than fillets for this very reason. It’s a good thing that DT & ST are totally fine with my bone-gnawing tendencies too haha. I hope I haven’t scared you readers away!

Come to think of it, we ate a lot that night. We managed to finish everything, save for some veg and squid in the hotpot, plus we headed to Whisk afterwards. Sometimes I really wonder how big/small my stomach is. Or perhaps, it’s more appropriately known as “gluttony” =P

Highly recommend Zen for some simple Japanese fare!

Zen Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!


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