[eating out]: Flora & Fauna (Northbridge)

IMG_7518Ok well, that was a ridiculously long break between posts! I am still alive! How are you, my dear readers? Things have been extremely hectic on the academic and personal front. I’m surprised I even have a little bit of time right now to blog! Must be the procrastination =P Anyway! Without further ado, let’s see what I got up to at Flora & Fauna.

Finally, it was time for a long-awaited catch-up with my dear dimsum dollies (missing you SS!). Knowing us, deciding a venue was difficult as usual, but after narrowing it down to 2 options, we settled on Flora & Fauna because the food was too pretty to pass up.

Matcha latte
Matcha latte

To our surprise, JW ordered the matcha latte. Now, I love matcha lattes but if you know JW, she is a bit of a coffee connoisseur so I was pretty surprised she opted for this! This is what JW thought – “it was nice, with a good flavour and not too sweet. But it wasn’t hot enough, especially with the cool weather and just went cold within minutes. It was a bit mild if you didn’t continuously stir the powder which sat at the bottom”.

Ginger, apple, lemon
Ginger, apple, lemon

AS, also another coffee connoisseur opted for a juice today, as she had just had a coffee during her breakfast catch up. AS thought the juice was nice, with a good ginger kick but she’s not a huge fan of the paper straws, as they just get soft and partly disintegrate. We also noticed her lips were a little tinged with green from the straw which was quite amusing actually haha.

Now onto the food! The menu at Flora & Fauna is small, and partially specific for the day/weekend. There were a few items that weren’t available when we went, but that’s ok because we still couldn’t decide what to have.

Canadian french toast
Canadian french toast

AS chose the Canadian French toast. This was absolutely huge! I like how the toast slices were nice and thick, because that’s how french toast should be in my opinion. This is what AS thought – “interesting dishes and pretty presentation but the flavour didn’t live up to the looks. Still tasty and massive portions”.

Smashed avocado
Smashed avocado

JW went with the smashed avocado. This dish makes a frequent occurrence on pretty much every menu nowadays so it really has to have that special something to set it apart from others. JW “prefers normal smashed avocado from other places because it was warm and a bit too mashed. Maybe because it was warm, but I didn’t feel like it was as fresh, and I would’ve preferred more salt and lemon. I felt a nice salsa was missing and would have lightened it up a lot as I found it a bit monotonous after a while, and there was no break in taste.The flowers didn’t really serve a purpose and got in the way of the balsamic glaze in fact. Felt the entire dish was a bit heavy due to the creaminess of the avocado, and the heavy turkish bread.”

House-made muesli
House-made muesli

After quite a heavy dinner the previous night, I felt like something lighter. Initially I wanted the bruschetta but it wasn’t available so I opted for the house-made muesli. Alas, this was quite disappointing. I was so looking forward to nuts and some tasty museli, but there was NO NUTS in it, despite all other photos showing copious amounts of pecans, etc. Moreover, the muesli went soggy much too quickly with the milk and was a bit bland. In the end, I stole some blueberries and almonds from AS’ french toast to add some texture and flavour to this.

We all felt the wait for food was a bit long – we had to wait for about 35-40mins, and I know they are a tiny kitchen, but the muesli and avocado really wouldn’t take very long to prepare.

It was a nice catch-up with my besties of course, but the food and atmosphere (it was so cold!) was a bit of a letdown for us unfortunately.

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Thanks for reading! ^^


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