[travel]: Getting fat in Singapore!

IMG_7620Before I knew it, it was soon July. That meant I was soon to fly to Singapore for a quick trip to be bridesmaid for my procrastisister. The few weeks (months actually) leading up to my departure was insanely stressful, but I made a point to get my draft revisions done before I left so that I could have 2.5 days of fun and relaxation. I mean, who wants to be stressed during one of your best girlfriend’s wedding?? NO ONE!

It was the best idea I had made this entire year! I think…

In hindsight, this short trip was the first break I had taken in over a year. What better way to do spend it than meeting up with two of my best friends who have relocated back to Singapore, and be part of the best gang of bridesmaids?

The main reason for my trip was for DT’s wedding. Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned DT on this blog, but simply put, she is my procrastisister. I met her only a few years ago, 2012 to be exact and who knew that two girls stuck in the same testing lab would hit it off so quickly. I don’t think either of us expected to get along so well, but we soon realised that we were both pretty crazy and fast forward to now, I had the pleasure of being her bridesmaid =D

Soon kuih (top), carrot cake (bottom)

I think DT made it her life mission to make me fat in the 2.5 days I was there. After having kaya toast at the airport upon landing, she tells me her Dad bought durian for me. But, it was about 1:30am by the time I got to her house and we needed sleep so (unfortunately) my love affair with Mao Shan Wang was to commence later.

The next day, we planned to head to Bedok Interchange for some breakfast. I love Bedok Interchange food centre! It’s actually a place I went to often when I travelled to Singapore every year. Walking around, we got way too distracted and ended up getting carrot cake and mediocre soon kuih (with a better one later!), and didn’t end up getting kway chup or chwee kuih =( I blame my extremely long list of foods to eat, and DT’s lack of coffee (and thus cognitive functioning).

Mr. Bean!

Then it was time to head to Orchard for both of us to run some errands, where we got some Mr Bean soybean soft serve! LOVE THIS! The only thing that really annoys me is the way they pipe it with a hollow centre…why so stingey leh??

Kway chup with small & large pig intestine, egg, beancurd
River Valley Nasi Lemak

My eating continued when I met RT and EL, my two longtime friends living in SG now, for lunch. Got my beloved nasi lemak which had one such a good sambal that RT and I stole some of EL’s =P Sadly, the rice wasn’t lemak enough =( We also ordered some kway chup but sadly, it was mediocre. The one at Bedok is much better.

Eating then continued with more icecream – DT had never had the taro flavour (I was shocked speechless) from the $1 icecream uncles so we got one of those to share!

Or luak (Oyster egg)

Then it was time for dinner at East Coast Park (ECP) Lagoon…which thankfully was later than planned because my stomach felt like it was never empty the entire day. The or luak was amazing! The egg was so morish, and I love how it was just completely laden with oysters which were the small and very fresh ones. Loved this, and it was dangerous having the plate closest to me!

Gong gong (sea snails)

Whenever I head to SE Asian countries, I always make it a point to have the seafood that’s difficult to find in Perth. One thing I must order at ECP is gong gong which are sea snails. You use the toothpick to pierce the flesh out, dip it in chilli and eat. My favourite is simply blanched so you get the sweet freshness of the seafood.

Sambal kang kong
Sambal stingray

No trip to Singapore is complete without their sambal dishes. We wanted some vegetables to add some “health” into our eating…Well, I think we defeated the purpose with this dish that was laden with delicious garlic and sambal! The stingray was a bit different to when I usually get it – somehow it didn’t seem grilled enough, but was still tasty with more of that delicious sambal!


Rojak is a must-have for me in Singapore. It is just way too difficult to find it here. I quickly searched whether ECP had good rojak and lo and behold, it had a pretty popular one! Yay! It was SO GOOD!

Hokkien mee

The hokkien mee was mediocre though. The noodles were too soggy, and there wasn’t much wok hei =(

Dinner was actually my first time meeting 2 of the other bridesmaids but we all hit it off with no problems! All of us were so incredibly full after this that I wonder how I even managed to eat Mr. MSW when I got back to DT’s place!

Mao Shan Wang
Mao Shan Wang

But then again, if you saw this, you wouldn’t be able to resist either. Unless you don’t like durian of course.

Ending the post with the deliciousness of Mr. MSW and lovely memories of Singapore.

Wishing you a blessed marriage, DT & JX!!

Thanks for reading! ^^


2 thoughts on “[travel]: Getting fat in Singapore!

  1. Hahaha I think you got properly fed in Singapore. Good Durian too.Mao Shan Wang! I think Fox King will do. Looking at your post reminds me that I have a job to finish when I go back to Little India food court!!


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