[eating out]: Sixteen Ounces (Vic Park)


After way too long of a delay, CT and I finally met up for a chat! Our schedules rarely match, so having this opportunity is very much a blessing for us both. We used to catch up once a month but alas, time catches up on us and before we know it, it’s been months before we see each other again!

Sixteen Ounces has been on my to-go list for who knows how long, but I pretty much only have Sundays free to have brunch/lunch (actually, not anymore now that I do yoga before church!) but I decided to take a break from work one Friday (thanks, WenY! haha) so we locked this in!

The menu has a few interesting options, but when I spotted haloumi, my eyes pretty much lit up. Now, I don’t eat cheese unless it doesn’t have a strong taste, and haloumi fits the bill quite well most of the time.

I chose the omelette with haloumi & mushrooms. The staff were kind enough to swap out the omelette for poached eggs at no added cost because poached > omelettes. However, this dish was slightly disappointing. Although served in a cast iron pan, it arrived at the table lukewarm (even the pan wasn’t hot). The eggs were spot-on and had that perfect ooze, but the prized haloumi tasted like the run-of-the-mill kind that I could buy from the supermarket. As the wasn’t quite hot enough, the cheese soon turned rubbery. It’s unfortunate that I actually felt sick after eating this, but that could be because of the haloumi perhaps. I find it’s quite a filling dish, but definitely needed some oomph to cut through the creaminess of the haloumi, and heaviness of the bread and eggs.

Brioche french toast, banana, bacon, salted caramel
Brioche french toast, banana, bacon, salted caramel

CT ordered the Brioche French Toast which came with grilled banana, bacon and salted caramel sauce. This was nice, but I wish the toast was a lot thicker. It was quite thin and kind of just fell flat. The salted caramel sauce was a bit one-dimensional – it was salty but didn’t quite have that rich caramel taste to it.

Sixteen Ounces is definitely competitive in price, but it is unlikely a place I would readily return to. Especially since there are SO MANY new places popping up in Perth!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “[eating out]: Sixteen Ounces (Vic Park)

  1. Ahhhh! Looks like the meal here was an absolute disaster. Simply inconsistent perhaps?! But I do acknowledge that the French toast is super thin :P! Not like the super thick brioche as one would expect.


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