[thoughts]: Post Partum (2013)

Post PartumSometimes procrastination is good, and constructive things actually result. Take, for instance, this French feature film Post Partum. I got a weekendnotes email about it, watched the trailer, sent to some friends and next thing we knew it, we had already registered to see it, although one of us got the date wrong (ahem…JW hehe).

The film follows Luce and Ulysse, a married couple living beside the sea in France. Luce gives birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they name Rose, but rather than blissful enjoyment of a new member in the family, what follows is a story of confusion, contempt, helplessness. I don’t want to give too much away, because I really recommend you go see this movie. It’s a very bleak picture of what a mother may feel following the birth of her child, but it’s so much more than we usually expect.

My friends and I really didn’t expect the intensity of the film. I know of post-partum depression, but this was so much more. It was harrowing, the brutal honesty of the film of what it’s like from a mother’s perspective.

It doesn’t make for a light-hearted movie, for sure, but it’s engaging and something that is highly relevant to today’s issues in society. It was definitely and interesting result of my frequent procrastination! Now back to thesis!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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