[eating out]: Typika Artisan Roasters – Claremont

IMG_7414Yet again, I just simply cannot fathom how quickly time passes by! Unknowingly, it has been 2 years since I flew to Melbourne for my Mum’s birthday. It was during this trip that I met with one of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers, @liannelow of the blog Food Made with Love. She’s also a very very VERY lovely person.

Thankfully, we were blessed with the chance to meet again when she travelled with her young family to Perth for a short trip. I figured our chances to catch up are so rare given she lives across Australia, so I readily freed up my schedule one morning to catch up and see her adorable little bub! Seriously, if you don’t follow her on IG, you will have to go check her out and see just how adorable he is!!! Like seriously. Do it. Now. Or after reading this. Or simultaneously. Either way, do it. Anyway, there are so many places in Perth that are on my to go list, but being (1) too busy, (2) too poor, (3) too locked up by my thesis, I have yet to try most of them. I know Lianne was itching to go to Typika, and it was close by uni, so we locked that in! I’ve heard many reviews about the place, both raves and reservations.

Looking at the menu, nothing really said “wow, CC you need me in your life now”. Nevertheless, the food was good and they make some seriously good poached eggs! Oh, and guess what! I saw Jessica Arnott from this year’s Masterchef! I was a little startled so just stood there shell-shocked. It was pretty cool to sight her! I quite like her humble attitude, both when she has done a good job or when she thinks she’s done poorly.

French toast, caramelised banana, bacon, salted caramel
French toast, caramelised banana, bacon, salted caramel, avocado on the side

Lianne’s husband ordered the french toast with caramelised banana and bacon. My picture doesn’t do it justice, but the brioche was sliced thickly and it made for a decadent meal. Good thing Lester does weightlifting otherwise these calories would pack on like crazy! haha.

Beef brisket hollandaise
Beef brisket hollandaise

Lianne ordered the beef brisket hollandaise which was flavoursome and delicious. The beef was tender and though it may look stringy and dry, it definitely wasn’t. It was packed with flavour and the harissa hollandaise added some spicy punch. I don’t eat hollandaise much so can’t really comment on how well/poorly it was executed, but Lianne seemed to enjoy it. The eggs were perfect! I thought there could probably be a bit more beef, given the price, but it would be really filling anyway.

Poached eggs on toast
Poached eggs on toast

I hadn’t been feeling too well the previous day and morning of our meal, so I just went with simple poached eggs on toast. One thing that annoys me is that Typika doesn’t list the sides on the menu, but that’s ok because on this occasion I didn’t want any. But it would be good to list them so people know (1) what is available to add as a side, and (2) their prices. As simple as it is, the poached eggs on toast were amazing. The eggs, much like Lianne’s poached eggs, were just perfect and the bread (from Lawley’s) was fluffy but with a chewy crust. My favourite type!

Little Lochlan ate some banana, avocado and his own bread and snacks too! It was a fantastic catch up with the three of them! I can’t wait until the next time I go to Melbourne, or they come to Perth again to catch up! Lochlan actually fell asleep during the last few moments of our brunch, but woke up soon enough once we got in the car hehe.

Thanks for the catch up, guys! Look forward to our next one!!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “[eating out]: Typika Artisan Roasters – Claremont

  1. I like the look of that french toast! Nice and decadent which is what you want if you’re going to pig out and go for something like that ๐Ÿ™‚


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