[CC bakes]: A healthy birthday celebration


Aaah, yet another birthday cake =) Although I have an incredible lack of time, I always try to make the birthday cakes for my family members. It definitely gives an element of surprise to the night, and this way I can cater for my family’s tastes and in this case, health as well.

This was made for my Nan’s birthday this year. We don’t get along…at all. But, it doesn’t stop me from always thinking about her and things that she may like. It was the same for her cake, and this really is a cake made uniquely for her. Prior to her birthday, my Nan had been in this black sesame-obsessed craze. Apparently there’s a Chinese congee with black sesame, black beans, black glutinous rice, in addition to other Chinese herbs, that you should eat everyday for a month. Yes, every. single. day. I have no idea what the health benefits are, apart from some benefits for kidney function but I took inspiration from that to make a black sesame flavoured cake. Initially I wanted to just do a chiffon cake because I know she likes the soft spongy textures, but I knew she wouldn’t like cream if I covered it with whipped cream, nor would she like meringue. After many drafts and revisions, the final product was this.


Black sesame


Black sesame tofu pudding, adzuki bean paste centre, black sesame pate sucree, sesame brittle. The pate sucree base was an impromptu decision after realising the pudding was much too soft to hold itself without support. The adzuki bean paste added some different texture, and an earthy sweetness to the cake. The base and brittle added some crunch and bitter caramel. Despite the adzuki paste and sesame brittle, it was overall not too sweet either! On a plus side, I used honey for the bean paste so it was healthier!

Black sesame, tofu, adzuki
Black sesame, tofu, adzuki

I’m happy to say I was quite pleased with the flavours and aesthetics of this cake! I do wish the pate sucree was a bit thinner and shorter though, it was seemed a little tough and not quite as crumbly as I’d hoped. Next time! =P

After feasting on some seafood from Kailis Bros Cafe in Leederville, this was a nice simple ending to the night =)

Wishing you a blessed birthday, Nan, filled with many great blessing of good health and happiness!

Stay tuned for my next cake!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great Monday, everyone!


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