[cc bakes]: CC’s take on the apple strudel

IMG_7033Before I knew it, Dad’s birthday rolled by this year, which also marked the first birthday cake for my Mission Birthday Cakes challenge, 2015! (errm, yes I realise I need to actually update the blog page about this…oops). Thankfully, Dad’s birthday fell on a Monday which means I had Sunday to make the components of the cake and finish it after uni on Monday…in amongst a looming deadline for uni =.=’

But first, a hearty birthday breakfast for him before I headed to uni.

Yet again, I had so many ideas! I missed out on making a sticky date cake last year, so I wanted to try that this year. But then I came up with a yuen yeung idea too. For those who don’t know, yuen yeung is a coffee-tea drink, a popular chaa chaan teng drink in HK which happens to be my Dad’s top choice in HK! It might sound like a weird combo for those unfamiliar with it, but it’s nice, especially if done well!

Suddenly, during my moments of procrastination, I came up with an apple-based cake because Dad likes apple crumble and Corica’s famed apple strudel! Now, I’ve made an apple strudel cake before, so I definitely didn’t want to make it again, but then I wanted to make it a bit unique too.

A strudel-like apple cake
A strudel-like apple cake

I was tossing up between the two, so I employed AS as my external brain, and after some discussion we decided on the apple cake. And so, this unique apple strudel cake was born. Layers of vanilla chiffon sponge, spiced creme patissierre, apple compote, cooked apple pieces, surrounded with puff pastry. It was most fitting for the current Autumn weather, and for Dad’s taste preferences. Score!

This is definitely not the most beautiful cake you’ll see on the market, and honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the sloppy appearance. But, where else are you going to get such a cake, baked by your daughter despite her busy schedule? (the answer is nowhere, by the way).

Or a cake-like strudel? =P
Or a cake-like strudel? =P

The creme patissierre didn’t set properly, so it was a little runnier than I expected/hoped. It made cutting the cake a bit messy, but it was still nicely spiced and balanced with the sweetness.

I’m not sure if Dad enjoyed it, as he didn’t really express much and didn’t seem as excited as he was for the Indian dinner we treated him. But it makes me happy that I get to do something special for my family for their birthdays, even if it means only getting 5hrs sleep.

Make a wish!
Make a wish!

Happy Birthday, Dad! You don’t read my blog, but hope you enjoyed the dinner and cake that night! Though you annoy me immensely at times, speak at 200dB when I’m standing 1m away from you, and do weird-ass illogical things, I still love you and wish you the best of health and happiness!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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