[eating out]: Sapore Espresso Bar – Belmont

IMG_7070There’s really nothing like a good catch up with a great friend. It doesn’t even matter what we do (well, usually it involves food), but it always brightens my day and lifts my mood.

After a very long and tiring week for both of us, AS and I met up for breakfast one Sunday, and what can I say? It was the best way to start off the day! As usual, when we actually have time to go out for meals, our memory fails us and we can’t seem to recall ANY of the places that we want to try. All we know is there’s plenty in Freo we want to try, but it’s quite a drive for both of us and the drive back for me to get to church would eat into our chat time!

We decided to choose a place close to church so we could have more time to chat. Unfortunately, there’s not much around the area, but Sapore Espresso Bar has been on the radar on quite a few blogs so we locked it in!

What’s great is that it’s located right near the shopping centre, which means….FREE PARKING and plenty of it! But that also means vehicle traffic, so if you’re seated outside, you’ll get the occasional motorbike revving halfway through your conversation but otherwise it’s fine. AS and I heard each other fine without having to lose our voices by the end of breakfast =P

egg's benedict, potato rosti
egg’s benedict, potato rosti

The menu is quite extensive, which doesn’t help us since we are quite indecisiveness with too many delicious-sounding options. A

S went with the eggs benedict with a side of potato rosti. Here’s AS’ thoughts about the dish. “The hollandaise was good, and it had mustard seed in it which I liked but I wish there was more. The rosti was a weird colour but decent”. She also ordered a hot chocolate, which came in a huge mug which she said was good. I’m sure it definitely warmed her tummy!

dukkah eggs
dukkah eggs

I went with the dukkah eggs in the end. I was tossing between this and the breakfast bruschetta, but my homegrown rocket is still in the baby stages so I was like “rocket! poached eggs!”. It actually comes with sourdough but I switched it to wholemeal – sadly, it just tasted like normal storebought wholemeal bread but I’m glad it was well-toasted. The eggs, like AS’, were poached perfectly with ooey-gooey yolks. I was hoping for more rocket and balsamic glaze, but overall it was a decent breakfast and definitely kept me full until the afternoon.

We were pretty satisfied with the food, and there are a couple of other items that enticed us. If they improved their bread, then it’ll be better! They also have a cabinet of cakes that look amazing and the milkshakes look delish! AS already plans to try the scrambled eggs next time =P The service at the counter was good too!

Definitely a rare find in the Belmont area, and worth a try if you’re around there. Even if it’s just to get a sweet fix with their cakes and/or milkshakes =P

This was such a great catchup that I was grinning like an idiot the entire way to church, and on the way home from church. How blessed I am with such great friends =)

Thanks for the breakky date! Can’t wait for the next catchup!

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Thanks for reading! ^^


3 thoughts on “[eating out]: Sapore Espresso Bar – Belmont

    • I think the no queues and large space entices a lot of people!! It’s so great to have a good breakfast/brunch place near that area =)


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