[eating out]: The Trustee Bar & Bistro – CBD

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADesserts for dinner? Don’t mind if I do!

I’ve wanted to go to The Trustee ever since I heard about its snickers bar dessert. The rest of the menu sounds pretty delicious too so it was a permanent fixture on my “to go” list! After hearing about the dessert degustation, it was pretty much locked in for our next dimsum dollies’ catchup. How I love them for sharing my enthusiasm about desserts, and food in general (and also just for being them obviously)!

When we arrived, we were thinking of whether to get 2 degustations to share then order another entree or something. AS: “mmm…nahhhhh”. Who were we kidding, anyway? We’re so glad we chose to just get one degustation each hehe. There’s no way we would’ve relinquished any part of ANY of the desserts.

The waiter was so helpful explaining how the dessert degustation was planned, and upon each plate, we were given detailed descriptions of what was on the plate. That just piqued our interests and excitement even more, and we couldn’t wait to dig in! Though, with our memory, we had so much difficulty recalling them hehe.

Apologies for the poor photo quality! It was exceptionally dim in the restaurant so it was hard to photograph them nicely. The table next to us found it quite amusing that we were using our phones as a light source. Dedication! (If only I was that dedicated to my thesis haha).

Caramel popcorn, salted caramel, wattleseed, caramel icecream
Caramel popcorn, salted caramel, wattleseed, caramel icecream

Course #1

This was a nice little start to the degustation. The mini waffle cone was unfortunately a bit stale, and the ice-cream was a bit icy. But I loved the wattleseeds which added from its slight grain, and its bitter tones which tempered the sweetness of the caramel for me. I would’ve liked more salt in the salted caramel but AS absolutely loved it, and relished in the copious amounts that were on the plate.

Creme brulee tart, sour apple gel, cherry apple, salted caramel
Creme brulee tart, sour apple gel, cherry apple, salted caramel

Course #2

This was a decent opponent with the snickers bar as my favourite of the night. The tart base was nice, though I found it too sweet. We were all disappointed that there was no burnt taste to the “creme brulee”, and felt it approximated vanilla-flavoured custard. My favourite component was the apple gel…it was amazingly tart and bursting with apple freshness; definitely cut through the sweetness of the other components.

We had never had a cherry apple before and all three of us were amazed at it’s size, cuteness and taste.

Peanut ice-cream, snickers mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate crumble
Peanut ice-cream, snickers mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate crumble

Course #3

SO GOOD. Enough said. This was hands-down the favourite for all three of us. There was an incredibly well-balanced sweet-salty taste, as well as textures from the crumble and wafer. I LOVED the peanut ice-cream, as it tasted just like peanut butter and peanut butter just makes my whole world go around.

There was a nice surprise in the snickers mousse where the base was a crunchy chocolate cookie/peanut base, and I relished in that textural difference from the soft mousse. The ganache was to-die-for.

Apparently the waiter sometimes gets the scraps of this when the pastry chefs pour chocolate ganache on them and it’s less-than-successful. We are officially jealous.

rose pannacotta, lychee sorbet, almond agar agar jelly
rose pannacotta, lychee sorbet, almond agar agar jelly

Course #4

When brought to the table, we were told by the waiter that this is a deal-breaker for the entire degustation. Some people like it, some don’t. We loved it. After the heavy snickers bar course, this was light and refreshing. AS and I felt the pannacotta was a bit rubbery, as if too much gelatin had been added. I would’ve actually liked a touch more rosewater in it, as the lychee sorbet was so fragrant. I loved the sorbet though, which took on a more granita-like form.

We had a lovely conversation with the waiter when he took our empty plates, and he was surprised by how much we liked it given his aforementioned ‘warning’. I love it when restaurant staff are happy to discuss the food!


My mint milkshake photo is missing, but I’m sure you’ve seen it from other blogs! They also have MUCH better photos than me so go have a look!

I used to not like mint that much, to the extent that I never added it to my pho and I took it out of fresh spring rolls. But I now spam mint like there’s no tomorrow when I can! I loved the mint milkshake which was, though small, the perfect size to end the night. Each small jar came with fresh mint leaves which, naturally, I ate. I also liked the chocolate crumble on the plate so it was a bit like mint choc-chip milk.

The plate came with a macaron each, and I’m not sure if it was deliberate but we each got different flavours! I got strawberries & cream, JW got coffee, and AS got a pistachio-chocolate one. I’m not a huge fan of macarons in general, and I found the ones a bit too crunchy tonight. I loved how there were was fruit compote in the centre mine though.

Yet another great night out with great friends and great food. What more can you ask for? One day, I’m definitely going to have a dessert night at home where I can make all my planned dessert ideas!

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Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day, everyone!


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