[eating out]: Asado – Claremont

IMG_6837There are so many restaurants popping up around Perth, I can’t keep up! One of my best friends was relocating back to Singapore so I wanted to catch up with her as much as possible beforehand. Luckily she had planned to meet with another one of our mutual friends, and when she asked me along, how could I say no?

It was a bit of a harried process trying to decide where to go! I suggested Asado after seeing other bloggers’ reviews. RT and I are pair of mini carnivores so we decided to try it out as none of us had been before. It was a quiet weeknight when we went and the place wasn’t too crowded so it made for a nice noise level for a chat. RT arrived early and the waitress recommended the rump so we decided on that as one of our dishes. Then we chose another two.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera along so please bear with the grainy iPhone photos!


The rump was well-cooked and so juicy and meaty. However, I found it a bit sinewy and too chewy at times. I like rump for its flavour, and expect it to be tough (vs. other cuts), but it was tougher than expected given that it looked like it was cooked well. I probably wouldn’t be devastated if they ran out for the night and I didn’t get it =S

The accompaniments were a tomato & capsicum salsa, and chimichurri. The salsa was exceptionally salty and oily which didn’t do much to cut through the richness of the meat. The chimichurri was also disappointing; I was expecting a strong punch of herbs but I got oil instead. Lapa in Subiaco still reigns as the best chimichurri in my opinion.

lamb ribs
lamb ribs

I love eating meat from bones…fish, chicken, ribs, etc. I would literally be happy just gnawing meat from the bones haha. I really liked the lamb ribs. They had  a lovely char on them, though they were unfortunately much too fatty and comprised little meat. The yoghurt dipping sauce was good, and went well with the rest of the dishes too.

ceviche (snapper)
ceviche (snapper)

The ceviche was a welcome choice to provide some freshness amongst the gamey meats. The fish that night was snapper and it was nice. It was fresh but sinewy, and I had a couple of pinbones. This isn’t the best ceviche I’ve had and I wouldn’t order it again. There wasn’t enough acidity, and it needed some more herbs to lift the flavour. I loved the avocado though, which is a godsend since they are now $5 a pop at some markets!

Chit chatting and catching up after an entire year (our mutual friend just returned from Singapore) makes us hungry and we felt like dessert. Actually, we’re just pigs haha. We were tossing up between the in-house desserts or to head to Koko Black. In the end, we stayed at Asado and ordered 2 of their desserts.

burnt banana, crumble, caramel, dulce de leche mascarpone
burnt banana, crumble, caramel, dulce de leche mascarpone

The waitress highly recommended the burnt banana which came with shortbread crumble and salted caramel alongside a quenelle of dulce de leche mascarpone. The banana was bruleed upon order and I love that there was actually a crack, yet the banana was still firm! I absolutely despise warm mushy bananas. The quenelle was too creamy for me…I really only eat mascarpone as part of tiramisu haha. This was a tasty dessert but I didn’t think it was that special. Overall it was a bit cloying and too sweet.

chocolate creme brulee, chilli, candied hazelnut
chocolate creme brulee, chilli, candied hazelnut

I think chocolate pudding would be a more apt name for this dessert. Seeing “creme brulee” made me think I’d be presented with a dish that had a crackly bruleed sugar crust much like the bananas, but unfortunately this had none. The texture came from the hazelnuts which were really nice. I didn’t detect the chilli in this though. It could be my high threshold for chilli but when something says chilli in the description, I’d expect a lingering spicy hit but this, unfortunately, had none. The creme brulee itself was nice with a relatively deep chocolate flavour, but a tad grainy that night, definitely notches below the beautiful creme brulee I had in Margaret River recently.

Overall, our meal was tasty but nothing too outstanding. I think if I wanted this style grilled meats, I’d head to Lapa in Subiaco instead as I found their meats cooked better.

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Thanks for reading! ^^


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