[eating out]: Tropico – North Beach

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter seeing it on my IG feed, and Kristy’s post on her blog, Tropico piqued my interest in no time. It was close by and the food looked good! Things had been really busy for me so I really needed some downtime, and what better way than to have lunch in the beautiful weather, right?

Just look at that bright space! What a perfect choice! I love how there’s so much natural light pouring in but it was a nice warm day outside so GC and I decided to sit outside. The food was just as beautiful!


We had already seen the menu beforehand whilst researching where to go so it didn’t take too long for us to decide what to order (for once!). The menu has all the offerings that are in hype right now – granola, bircher muesli, smashed avocado, and the usual eggs on toast.

berry smoothie
berry smoothie

GC ordered a berry smoothie to start. This came out looking gorgeously purple, no doubt due to the blueberries used! It was really sweet, which made me question whether they added sugar into it. We both also though the icing sugar on the top was pointless, and would have preferred a mint leaf =P

Paleo platter - spinach, spiced nuts, avocado, soft-boiled eggs
Paleo platter – spinach, spiced nuts, avocado, soft-boiled eggs

GC decided to go with the paleo platter which came looking beautifully fresh! Don’t be surprised by the size of this, GC found it pretty filling! The spiced nuts were really good to add a bit of crunch to the entire dish. As you can see, the soft-boiled eggs were done perfectly! Look at that gooey golden yolk!

We hardly ever have mushrooms at home and I LOVE mushrooms so when I saw them on the menu, it was like they screamed “eat me!”. So I ate them.

Oven-roasted mushrooms, poached eggs
Oven-roasted mushrooms, poached eggs

They were delicious! Huge and juicy, but I detected a lot of butter in it and being someone who isn’t a huge fan of butter for cooking, it was a bit heavy on my stomach after. I wish there was more of the tomato salsa because that was really nice to cut through the dish. Unfortunately one of my poached eggs was severely overcooked which made me envious of GC’s eggs on his platter, but lucky the other was perfectly gooey.

The bread at Tropico is amazing! It comes from Ahbi’s bakery which I’ve had before. Wish my homebaked bread turned out like this!

We were stuffed after! We both enjoyed the food but felt it is on the pricey side, but Perth is generally on the pricey side to eat out compared to other states anyway!

On the way out, I had a look at the dinner menu which looks pretty interesting – definitely want to return with my parents! I’m happy to see so many new places opening up in Perth, a little too many in fact because my list keeps growing at an alarming rate!

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Thanks for reading! ^^


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